Baidu algorithm path and included in the problem

mainly explain the Baidu algorithm in the website path problem, included problems, as well as the path and included problems. Usually troubled us a lot of paths and included in the Baidu algorithm, there are established rules, if you do not know these laws will give us a lot of optimization problems, or will take many detours.

path and hierarchy problem

most of the time we think the site path represents the site level, there are web sites with different levels of path, we mainly explain the practice level with the same path, which is a directory represents a level of common practice.

1, the level of enterprise station can not be greater than 3 layers. A small enterprise stand, if the level is too deep, more than 3 layers, to 4, 5, then the deeper the content, the more difficult to include. This Baidu according to the importance of the page to speculate, the importance of the page does not represent the weight of the page, but the content of the page in the whole site in the importance of degree. We will push forward important content, the most important content we will put on the home page, and secondly, important in the column page, the most important thing on the inside page. Well, Baidu believes that the content of your home page is the most important, and give the fastest included, followed by columns, pages, and finally the inner pages. Like Sina, Sohu news home page will be the day or recent users pay more attention to the content recommended in the headlines, as well as the wheel show plate, then Baidu will be priority to grab these content. But Baidu for different sites included to the deepest level is not the same. NetEase like Sina, this station 5 layers and 6 layers of the inside pages can easily be included, but our enterprise station 4 layer within the pages of Baidu has been difficult to collection. Because the content of the enterprise station is very little, some stations 100 pages less than, so the content below the 3 level is meaningless for the user. Therefore, in the design of enterprise station level path, must be within 3 layers.

2, path settings. Path is the identification of the user and search engine identification. At home there is no user memory path habit, but in SEO or it this group will have user memory path habit, in foreign users memory path is very common phenomenon. Search engines will also remember the path settings, so with the content of the path included and ranking have a great relationship. If a directory is our course that our path should be set to /kecheng/, the method proposed spelling when setting the path with the best, and is the 2 word spelling. Complete search engine over the first letter abbreviation and 2 words difficult to identify what is the meaning of. For some commonly used columns such as news and FAQ (FAQs), this can be written in English because they should be very common and easy to understand by users.

included questions

1, different weights of the site, included is not the same as the maximum. For example, we do a small and medium-sized new station, the current weight is 1 or no weight, then we included in the dozens of dozens of

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