Film and television stations should look for profit again

do not remember when it was in a webmaster group to hear a sentence: "the sky dropped bricks down, killing ten people, nine is the webmaster, nine people, eight is engaged in film and television station.". Although it is a joke, but enough to reflect the number of television station owners are so much.

why are there so many movie stations,


one, easy to build. The film system of a fool, for a website name can be used, but also with the data.

two, simple maintenance. Unless you do your own resources, or update the TV station, just pick a few fast updates, strong station, every day acquisition will be finished.

station do not worry, do not worry about maintenance, what reason not to do? So, network is everywhere television station, television station but really do? I am on the two station in the first half of their operation, want to do a good job is not easy television station.

one, the competition is fierce. The direct consequences of the simple site is that competitors are too many, such as without their own characteristics, coupled with Baidu do not sell accounts, basically difficult to survive.

two, stereotyped. Simple collection and maintenance, resulting in web content stereotyped, you have, I have, we all have, how to retain users?

three, lack of profit point. Advertising is most webmaster only profit model, but the television station for special users, advertisers create limited interest, so television station advertising costs low, even lead to traffic is not to earn money.

webmaster the most painful thing is not able to get enough traffic, the most painful thing is not fully will flow into revenue, in advertising is not suitable for the television station today, television stations should consider other profit model.

one, service. Grab your client’s needs and try to provide the services he needs, of course within the legal limits.

two, products. Use your head, the television station users interested in what you can sell what, but I have the experience, had hit "Zhuguangbaoqi" when I use two of my website above sell a few happy ring.


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