Life memories from migrant workers to programmers webmaster

            suddenly feel really old, but nothing got…

when you see a brick in the construction site pushed the young man, when you see he is wearing a tattered and dirty man, that is a migrant workers, would you care about him? What is the occupation would later think he is not very good, but the occupation, and the former is not completely the same, is a programmer to enter the IT industry! Even I would not want to be a programmer


2002 graduated from junior high school (86 years oh), went to Guangdong Dongguan with friends, who know not to even find a general, last friend gave tens of dollars fare home, home on the remaining 5 cents, the way water can not drink! Now I know that the outside world is not imagined good! Go home, did not fare again out of a private mill at home for two months with several hundred dollars to Nanning, embarked on the road of migrant workers, in a childhood friends there was like hydropower, hydropower can do is not wrong. Then go to Guangxi occupation technology academy (do not know if there is not the school.), it was my friend’s father contracted dormitory 44#, we live across the hall, the daily work is to the building there, then where they built teachers dormitory, from every Day to go to work to go through the school building field, along the side of the road, I dare not look up, I wonder why the same age people, they are in University, and I have to do a laborer, really feel very inferiority. I saw a pair of lovers at night, and I knew I would never have that chance. One night there for a walk, see a friend to help MM, who will dare to call the bet beauty to come, so I called, was scolded, I blushed, but at night, the light is not clear! Dare not call MM. There, I don’t know how many people look down upon us, I have a day on the back, see the workers from the dormitory gate, and I in the back, that dress really sucks, the guard would not let me go, he pointed to me and said, who do you think you are? At that moment, really a little sad or hurt it, but I think what is the qualification to respond to him, a few female students standing there… Then. And another time, time to 44# dormitory to repair the water pipes, down by several girls said: " I hate every day, watching these men walking around ", I really don’t know what to say, or what is the reason to say to others, although I am poor, just graduated from junior high school, but I usually very hard to read, I also know how to behave… That moment, I Trying to create opportunities to read a little bit of books, I will not let others despise, even if I am currently relatively low to others, I do not mind.

finally left after a year

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