Hebei to improve the city’s public space service level

public entrepreneurship and innovation has now become an era theme, while the public business now has become a national movement, the Hebei province to improve the city’s public record space service level, but also to vigorously promote entrepreneurship.

7 29, the provincial Party committee, party secretary Huang Lixin research and innovation of science and technology enterprises and the creation of space. She stressed the need to give full play to the advantages of science and education human resources, and further improve the city’s public space service level, to better promote the public entrepreneurship innovation. City leaders Xiang Xuelong, Li Shigui, Huang Lan, Zang Zhengjin participate in research.

Nanjing Research Institute of building science and Technology Innovation Park kylin robot cooperation with Nanjing University of Science and Technology

research, Huang Lixin stressed that Nanjing universities and research institutes intensive, many college students and scientific research personnel, has the unique advantage of innovative talents. In particular, about 700000 college students, is the most dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship, we must stimulate entrepreneurial vitality, so that recommended

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