Depth analysis how can the forum website be operated successfully

with the discuz forum and phpwind forum program continues to improve and upgrade, many novice webmaster chose to use existing open source BBS program, start your webmaster career. The portal websites and forums websites are springing up all over the place, but how to face such a fierce competition in front of the webmaster makes their forum become a local authoritative website.

and I, as the founder of Beijing travel network, naturally become one of them, facing the competition and pressure is not small. Today, the Forum on the operation of the problem, do a deep analysis, give you webmaster also mention a wake up.

first, first of all, the establishment of the forum, this is the site of the most simple and the most junior stage, the overall success of the site does not account for%5.

first reminder here, a lot of people basically do not understand network knowledge, even completely real knowledge of website operators, see other people doing the forum was very successful, and I feel there are ready-made forum program (discuz forum and phpwind Forum) is devoted to the forum, regardless of how successful, sometimes and really wonder where they are so confident. Many people lose confidence in themselves.


website is successful or not, has a direct relationship with your own mastery of the knowledge network, the program website optimization you understand? Don’t you understand? Network marketing you understand? If you do not move, then you don’t get involved in this industry. Some people say that under the study will understand; but this is not a month, two months will be able to understand the whole, then you learn to understand, and then build the forum program, start your webmaster career bar.

on the forum set up also is not to say, just warning in advance, with the improvement of the discuz forum and phpwind forum program are already quite, everyone go to the official forum download, install and use on the line.

below, talk about BBS promotion and optimization, this as the site operation of the backbone, can be said to occupy the entire site success or not more than 95%.

The promotion and optimization of the

forum is a tedious process and a process that takes up a great deal of time. How to get a good ranking in Baidu, Google, and how to retain popularity, this is the key. The network also has a lot of knowledge about this, here also to give you an analysis, let everyone also gain some knowledge.

on the forum in Baidu, Google ranking, this relates to website optimization. " the content is king, the chain for emperor " is not deviate from the truth. As a forum, is a place for communication, we speak freely, about originality is easy to solve, many are original. And about the chain, this is to rely on their own accumulated Months and years pass by. There are mainly the following methods:

1, go and exchange links with high quality websites.

2, to the forum published soft Wen Shun

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