4 principles for well designed web pages

one of my favorite design books is the Robin Williams Design Workshop. It goes into the actual design theory and includes many excellent design examples. One of the areas of concern is the 4 major design principles that have been used in the design. These 4 principles are: contrast, repetition, arrangement, and classification.

this article will discuss these 4 principles related to web design. As long as you keep these 4 principles in mind, you’ll be able to design a cleaner and more beautiful web page.

1. contrast effect

good contrast effects design gives users an excellent first impression. If the user’s eyes have no focus, attention will be lost in the same size elements and typography interfaces everywhere. Designers need to design visually salient elements to guide the user’s experience. You can make good contrast by selecting pictures, colors, and fonts.

picture contrast

this method works very well when you need to display a large size illustration behind a lot of small elements. Well, I mean, for example:

The Invoice Machine

this page uses a large picture to attract the attention of the user. At the same time, the very natural monochrome of the page gives better results for very few blue applications.


when you look at this page, what will you notice first? The most likely thing is the star above the box. Like The Invoice Machine, they create visual focus by using a large picture and very few colors.

color contrast

uses just the right amount of color, which is another effective way to create visual contrast on a web page. You can use different colors in the head and text copies of the page, or in the color of a picture or illustration.


this site is an excellent example of all design principles. For color contrast we look at the large yellow header and small grayish text. The principles of arrangement, picture contrast, repetition, and classification are thoroughly worked out.

I Love Typography


used to display the layout if the site in its own header will show us an excellent typesetting effect, that make people feel more surprise! I love their font, also love their good blue and dark gray collocation.

font contrast

, if you want to go through

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