Community operations how to avoid water paste in the review area

this is an article about how to avoid comments on "water paste" in the review area. It is very helpful for community operators. The author in the SXSW to participate in the discussion after the written summary, pointed out the community "Troll" causes and their hazards, solutions not recommended (closing comments, real name system), excellent cases of industry, as well as their point of view. The full text is about 2000 words, and the reading time is 5 minutes. It is recommended to read the extended links.



newspaper is testing a new method to get readers to respond to questions about the content of the article before they can comment on the issue, in order to curb the malicious taunts in the comments section of Norway.

A method of

more than just an industry in the Internet and "fishing posts" or "provocative" struggle, these "fishing posts" and "provocative" often pollution in the comments area lead to dialogue, the comments area becomes unavailable.

so what do media companies do,


network hate may be caused by poor design of

, Norway TV said: do you want to comment? First answer a question,

· Pringle Ramona; (Ramona Pringle) is the southwestern Texas south of Austen (SXSW) a member of a discussion group on the theme of the festival. She is director of the Transmedia division at Ryerson University, or a columnist for

What is the premise for

to discuss this topic in SXSW?

, the discussion group, is known as playing more smoothly: redesigning online reviews.

The premise of

is that perhaps there is a design solution that can be used to try to create a healthier culture for the review area.

this does not mean that everyone should agree, or that the comment should be mediocre and homogeneous. But studies show that reviews can really "pollute" the reading experience of the article and, once the review becomes negative, those who are willing to engage in meaningful discussions turn away.

I think it’s easy for people to see the worst aspects of human nature and the inevitability or irreversibility of those fishing posts and vent messages that we often see on the internet.

but online, we have rules of life to live with.

we have a certain social infrastructure – laws, and laws. There are also well designed systems to help people do the right thing.

think of traffic, intersections, traffic lights — these are the infrastructure systems designed to help us.

didn’t have such a system, we will expose the evil of human nature ", and the Internet to see the same.


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