How to operate to optimize the efficiency of the SEO team


network on the SEO team, there are a lot of collocation is introduced as well as the plan, but in the project implementation process, how to make a project of instability, how to improve the efficiency of optimization team has become a problem in many Internet companies. Jiangyin network company who, faced with a large number of optimization of single, especially in both single and new problems when the whole team how to grasp the progress of the operation, the SEO team can help the company to achieve greater value.

why did you write this article,


each local network company is less a few, more than 100, some companies set up a long time, the industry’s reputation is also good, but also some new companies, facing a lot of challenges, if improper operation, is likely to lose reputation. So after you read the article from Jiangyin Internet company, you can get the following help:

1.SEO team structure is more conducive to the growth of SEO staff

2. business process processing is more clear,

3. team cost budget is reduced by

4. customer satisfaction improved by

5. increased controllability by

well, the following began to talk about the specific implementation plan:

many SEO companies will take the team into the chain group, the editorial team, resulting in a lot of time these people consider the lack of global knowledge, and from a development perspective, is not conducive to the development of SEO personnel, fixed mode of thinking will lead they think SEO is the hair of the chain, SEO is the. Therefore, the Jiangyin network company believes that the correct grouping should be divided into: new single group, problem list processing group. The new single group can be a newcomer to the new line, and the problem processing team needs a master with extensive experience in SEO’s overall operation.

If there is a single

first optimization to SEO team, then enter the optimization of new single group, the new group of single site treatment period is 2 months, in 2 months to 30 days as the dividing line, the optimization effect of the site for statistical analysis. Usually in the first month, the website should have the following effects:

A: the effect of optimization is obvious. Effect is obvious, according to experience, can be interpreted as non index word, ranking should rise to the first three pages; index 100 words should rise to the first 10 pages, if the high index words need to be ranked within 1000.

B: optimization effects slow down. Promotion is slow, especially after the first month of the problem is found, second months still ranking can not get a big promotion, then transferred to the problem sheet processing group. Problem list processing group should be from the overall side to determine the optimization of the site problems, specific can be judged on the following aspects:


1. problem list is optimized for

> within the site

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