From Baidu’s latest K station

recently, Baidu K a lot of stations, 30 on the day I K 2000 to come, originally thought to be full area of K, it did not attract attention. I have seen many Admin5 friends who have been plucked by Baidu. Miserable,


but yesterday, the bad news also reached my station, early in the morning, site,, and 2.4W more! Until noon, there will be 4K. Which is gloomy in the mind?. When I was at K 30, I was already dealing with the friendship connection. I think this should not be a problem, but still try to pack the attitude, once again to check the friendship connection, the collected removed is underlined (sorry some friends), has also removed some of the.

connection before selling expired

has been up until now this morning, and has been restored to K yesterday, and updated the date data

I feel the importance of the

link from this, Baidu each week 4 update ", we should pay attention to check the updated changes of all their friendship included the number of connections, so as not to cause adverse reactions to our station. Master SEO display slight skill before an expert in front of you, really repentant

above is only the end of the free film network ( webmaster some personal experience, hope and you master learning, I QQ:36285199

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