Modern Amoy owners should have quality

became a guest only a short while ago, the webmaster Wangzhuan preferred mode, the Amoy sellers, promoter, alliance "win win win" mode it is one of the most successful Wangzhuan mode, shortly before the owners of the House published an article, the Super Moderator Jiang Junjun guest station monthly income of more than 50 thousand, so many Tao guest to see hope.

indeed, before the money is not so easy, in the post-modern era emerged as a guest, several new features:

1, a large portal to enter the Taobao customer, eaten small station

can be seen in Taobao off the billboard, all ranked almost before all is a large portal station, small living space is further squeezed;

2, buy, rebate sites such as mushrooms,

Group buy, the advantage of rebates is to create a less money to get affordable atmosphere, in this environment, if you are business, it is also more willing to buy and rebate sites advertising,

3, Amoy site homogeneity

is now the Taobao customer training are taught SEO like a raging fire, rather than the appearance of the website skills Amoy template. In these training teams, as long as the SEO to do, even if the rotten site templates still get the deal. It caused many guest website users click on a few continuous facade as like as two peas, open the website is almost uniform like interface. User experience is very bad.

4, Taobao open spider crawling

recently some researchers found a phenomenon: Baidu included Taobao pages increased because of Taobao’s weight, in search of a commodity in the front row are Taobao sellers shop, Taobao off site due to various reasons, many of them in the shop under the Taobao ranking. This virtually impacted Taobao customers.

is there such characteristics that no future Tao do not?. As long as the efforts of the following quality cultivation of Amoy webmaster, Tao is still able to do long term.

long-term vision, estimate the situation,

e-commerce will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth in the next few years, the situation that we all agree, but Taobao is the domestic electronic commerce big boss, guest room for survival and development is great, the Tao guest without worry, do real work station;

Yangaoshoudi, focusing on user experience

Tao is not meant to do one day at a time, and should develop the habit of high, high mean look to run high, low mean the details can not be ignored, should be careful. Ask yourself is just to make money and still want to Amoy Amoy as a test, the incubation of your future career? Taobao goods billions, you.

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