Webmaster friends you do poineering work on the network

personal network business benefits here needless to say, those who read this article knows the network business is going on, it can create a rich network, so many people involved in Internet entrepreneurship, but the network is not imagined, not suitable for everyone, what kind of people will fit and may succeed? Can look at this behavior, you know. Please read after the time of evaluation on "personal network business" to the point of view, if not, please do not get excited, I just talk about some of my own experience and observation.

real personal network entrepreneurs believe their success, very optimistic about their own entrepreneurial projects, there is a market that needs, combined with the actual situation of the development of a long-term vision to see this project is very promising.

not because after watching some entrepreneurial success stories to a head, a passion in my heart, and I said to myself to do a website, the heart was always thinking will earn much money, but what specific projects do not know. If you are now thinking this way, just you want to do a web site, it is not a real network of entrepreneurship, even if you do not earn money, do not believe you go to try.

real personal network entrepreneurs to do the project is the practical nature of the service website, the website as a career to do, said the simple point is a practical project, there is a fixed and regular use of fixed target group. They are likely to be a fixed group of people in the community, or a local people,

is not like a flood of QQ pictures, beautiful pictures, novels and movies that now seems more flamboyant, if you visit groups are all Internet users, if your income depends on the advertising alliance, which means that your project does not have the goal, also is not the network business project.

real personal network entrepreneurs will also want to become Ma, want to return to, want to later is a tiny smile, more is for one’s own little dream to pay actual action.

is not repeated in Baidu search keywords, "network business success case", all day to see Ma Yun, Yu Minhong speech video, if so, then you always live in dreams.

real personal network entrepreneurs entrepreneurial power is to get rid of the status quo, for the family, for themselves, want to seize the opportunity of the Internet, in the future stage for themselves to create a world.

is not how much money has been made to make a website, as much as to make a website and to start a business.

real personal network entrepreneurs in their own projects, the development of their own projects is expected to have one, and to achieve the expected to do practical things, if the expected state is not reached, then will analyze the reasons, and to develop a new.

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