What you need to know in 2009

China personal Adsense is a great group, why, because individual owners not only to engage in planning, but also science and technology; not only to maintain the content, but also a promotion; individual stationmaster is the most responsible managers, is also the most hard worker. In the history of the development of the Internet, many commercial stations are transformed by individual stations, personal Adsense has been a envy of the term. But why do I have to say that personal websites need to form teams, too?

, let’s look at the changes around. Is the Internet still the Internet in the early 90s? Competition, acquisitions, mergers, listings…… The Internet economy has undergone profound changes. A variety of website procedures for free release, so that completely broke the technical threshold of individual sites, acquisition technology to follow the trend of change and plagiarism unusually fast. Personal station is facing the opponent of funds and technology, manpower, management and other obvious advantages of Internet Co, as well as a large number of site plagiarism. Therefore, even the best ideas, if not strong publicity, can easily be overwhelmed by other people’s propaganda.

so, we can’t fight a lone battle. We need team work to develop

‘s example of trying to succeed through personal effort is not without, but such an example has gone away and will only be seen in miracles in the future!


personal Adsense: free, casual, but if successful, you can get the maximum profit. But the energy is limited, the chances of success are very small, very small.


team entrepreneurship: the goal is clear, can complement each other, mutual encouragement, benefit by mutual discussion, strength, work with vigour, the chances of success greatly increased.

, for example:

a webmaster struggle, day and night, from 0 to 1000, IP to 3 months, the average monthly income of 300 yuan. (hard, expand the possibility is very small). A team of 10 people, from 0 to 10000, IP to 3 months, the average monthly income of 3000 yuan per person to share. The same is 300 yuan (easily, there is still much room for development) through the above examples, we can see that personal Adsense venture Road is very difficult, in addition to loneliness income, and pay far out of proportion, and energy is limited to expand development difficult, basically is the card here

give up halfway!

, and the team to this development, we all see the hope of success, work more to buy power, success is the bag in the bag, the multiplier,.

after reading this article, if you still insist on personal passion for entrepreneurship, I admire you (except interest)!. the purpose of this article is not to fight against personal webmaster confidence, but to remind people not to fight in isolation,

also wants to find like-minded people… Ha ha, I have a project, need to expand the team, if you have the blood, welcome to join our entrepreneurial team, passion and Entrepreneurship

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