Webmaster how to use free resources blog to do optimization

as far as I know, any small and medium-sized enterprises, but also began to start the optimization, the ultimate goal is to our enterprise industry keywords to the front.

an enterprise can not be like that portal station updated daily volume is so large, rely on the chain is also very difficult to make up, this time we have to rely on the chain to stand competition and peer companies, said the chain may be a lot of people will say how to find the chain, here to remind you the chain although often to the station our weight is high, but the chain is not stable, sometimes the other site drop right may also implicated in our station, then what should we do?

optimization is not done at once can do, and we need to prepare for home long standing, then a good optimization program is to use free resources blog to do optimization.

we can choose some weight, included fast blog optimization, such as Sina, gold, and other blogs, is actually doing the so-called standing group, of course, the blog optimization there are many details, this here is no longer here, we all go slowly.

use blog optimization we strengthen the "breadth", on the one hand to do the main "depth", the breadth we don’t need to update every day, for the Lord to do the depth of the blog we need to insist for a long time, the so-called "blog".

take one of my Sina blogs as an example, I do is long tail keywords: Beijing where to shoot wedding photos, for this blog, I often update, remember correctly, should be in Baidu ranking home page.

in order to long-term development of the site, I suggest you raise more blogs, for our optimization will play an unexpected result, oh,


I hope some of my experience can bring some help to you, but also hope that our webmaster should unswervingly go on!


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