Personal Adsense do stand need to insist

I’ve been a station for some time, and I feel a lot about standing. Individual do stand really is very hard, procedures, space, content, promotion, which can let the webmaster save worry? Personal Adsense most need is to insist,


1, people need to be able to endure loneliness. In order to modify a program problem, in order to site multi-point traffic IP, in order to earn more advertising fees, in order to… Personal webmaster in a day in front of the computer to stay for 10 hours is normal thing. Others go out to play, and they can only stay in front of the computer alone, hard work. Individual stationmaster loneliness, lonely?

2, individual stationmaster does station, need to be able to bear hardships. A person to do the station, the program you will, and although there are a lot of open source procedures, but at least a simple fix to the problem, you still have to. You’re going to be a programmer. The content on the site is updated and you need to be an editor. Website promotion SEO, you will, you are a SeoER. You have to learn a lot, and you spend a lot of time working in front of the computer every day. You spend 10 hours a day on the internet. Can individual stationmaster eat bitter?


3, small flow, less income, these blows have to bear. Just start doing, website promotion effect is certainly not very good. No traffic, no income, very normal. And now the search engine algorithm continues to change, you today’s ranking up, there is a lot of traffic, there are many advertising costs, maybe tomorrow rankings do not know where to go, and no traffic, no income. Personal Adsense can carry it?

I want to

the above situation is most personal webmaster! Personal webmaster really hard, one fight a lone battle no team, no money, no good technology. Everything has to be solved by itself.

personal webmaster needs to insist, no matter what you are doing for the reason of the station. Since chose this road, do individual stationmaster to do station, that must insist, do not give up easily. Maybe success is not far away,


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