What qualities do you need to be a Taobao web designer

The rapid development of

Taobao has spawned many web designers, known as "artists" in the industry". This is a new career, but also a lot of graphic designers began to slowly transition direction. However, Taobao is not a web designer and a handful of things, if you do not have the following qualities is to do good, not to mention the high wages in return.

‘s first quality is the proficiency in the design of software.

generally speaking, graphic designers use a lot of design software is Photoshop, CoreDRAW, if mastered the two software, just the entry hom. In comparison, the software CoreDRAW in the drawing when the speed is obviously slower than AI, but the figure later do need to upload to AI format conversion, you can upload it is no need to convert, save a lot of time, the stability is also its biggest characteristic. Therefore, after the entrance, learning AI is a lot of web designers have to go through the stage. When you can master the AI software, the standard version of the baby details page can only be completed in 2 hours, the picture of this page to no more than 13 as an example.

the second quality required is to design LOGO. If you want to make a little taste of brand shop, in the beginning of the registration will be considered as LOGO, because this is the largest logo, different from other shops so that shops has cultural characteristics of the design of a LOGO is very important.

third, to master the background code, pictures, text, how to upload

illustrated details of the page after the good, you need to upload to the shop, the corresponding also needs to be completed through the conversion of code. In the shop decoration in the link, section of the increase, delete, store design bidding and navigation are often to do this, it must be very familiar with the background of the function, you can upload pictures in the shortest time, ensure no mistakes.

fourth, have a good attitude.

electricity supplier, especially Taobao is one of the characteristics of "hard to force", that is to say, efficiency and speed to win. For example, if tomorrow, should the picture design of diamond booth came out the day before, otherwise, no pictures of good design, all the progress will be slow, and even lead to activities can not be normal. At this time, even if you work overtime until twelve in the evening, you must also complete the design of the picture. In addition, in every event, there is a need of preheating, such as tomorrow to do activities, the first day you need to put the home page content well, the new baby details page to do, otherwise the effect is not very good. I feel more deeply about this. During the craziest phase of last year, the company’s designers put up 200 dresses in two weeks, and five Web designers battled for nearly half a month, working overtime almost every night

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