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first, when art critics began to talk about semiotics as a fashion, it was not fully aware of the relationship between semiotics and linguistics. The Swiss scholar Saussure (1857 -1913), is the founder of semiotics, and is the founder of modern linguistics, he proposed to create a symbol on the (Greek word Semeion) science: Semiotics (semiology), and suggested that the part of the general linguistics as a science. In Saussure’s view, language symbols are one of the symbols. Besides language symbols, there are still a lot of social symbols, such as gestures, symbols, ceremonies, military signals and so on. After Saussure, scientists study not only symbolic language symbols, but also to the non linguistic social symbols are studied, such as Roland · Bart (1915 -1980) semiotica for clothing, advertising and other objects, the modern LOGO, LOGO design, LOGO production, and provides an example for the pilot semiotics into the field of Art design. It is recommended to look the LOGO of the website, very creative. (www.admin5.com).

Some theorists in

suggested that semiotics could be introduced into calligraphy. Semiotics is the study of symbols. For calligraphy, the most obvious symbol is the Chinese character system of calligraphy. In any case, the evolution of calligraphy is ultimately based on Chinese characters. Compared with other symbolic systems, text symbols are probably the closest to language. Study on the characters of the Han Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty has developed to a higher level, the Eastern Han Xu Shen written "Shuowen Jiezi" contains 9353 words, plus the text of 10516 words, eighteenth Century by "Kangxi dictionary" is a collection of 47043 words, it can be said that the ancient scholars like the familiar backyard flowers with every word. However, every evolution of familiar font, form and meaning and pronunciation, does not mean that the ancient people have a scientific understanding of the origin and development of the Chinese characters. The Han Dynasty scholars made a lot of theoretical research on Chinese characters symbol, which is the most famous theory, word formation is also Chinese characters analysis of the pictographs, self explanatory, pictophonetic, understanding, transfer, under the guise of the six. However, whether it is the prediction of the origin of Chinese characters or the study of the structure of Chinese characters, if left the systematic study of language, there is still no end. For example, studying the origin of Chinese characters, we must understand only when a symbol system for recording language can be called text; again, in order to study the structure of Chinese characters, we must take "the symbol of language text" and "text symbols used by the two levels a clear distinction. It was common sense in modern linguistics, after the forerunners of Saussure and others. The purpose of writing this article is to introduce the Semiotics in Chinese calligraphy, and to add a little general knowledge of linguistics. From these common sense, we may form some new understanding of the nature of calligraphy and the future of calligraphy.

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