How do business websites run for long


met a lot of enterprise website who consulted the author, ask their website in the construction of good after why did not play its due role, at the beginning of the did not notice, but as more and more people consulting, the author found that such sites generally have a common point: the site after construction look, not the daily maintenance work site. In fact, website operation is a process of continuous improvement. If you want to let enterprise website business for very long and played the role of brand marketing, product sales, you should put the site daily maintenance work in an important position to work, so the enterprise website should pay attention to what the problem in the daily maintenance of


1, interactive experience,

Each module of the

web in the realization of the interaction with users and visitors? How to access interactive experience? How deep? A few days ago I met a customer consultation: 5 months had no volume after the conversion of his website! I was surprised, because his website daily traffic is still pretty good, is the transformation of no volume, after tossing later discovered site from the user registration page is a problem: the user registration page has a large table option requires the user to fill in, no drop-down box, and there are many websites and services of no great importance content, such as fax number, user properties and so on! "Simple and convenient" occupy the dominant position of the web design today, this site gives the sense of experience is poor, I guess because most users feel Have to register trouble and leave this website.


indeed, I refer to the DZ for a simple modification to the registration page, retaining only the user name and password, Email three options, of course, other options did not reduce, but the reference to the major portals, later into the user registration and further guide the user to add relevant information, as I wish, in the revised 3 days have the first volume, then the other unreasonable module was modified, orders began to grow steadily, it plays a role in the enterprise website. Do you have similar problems on your website,



2, design issues,

design is the most difficult, the most common problem (one reason PS: This is the moment to design personnel salary and website service hot), especially the outsourcing enterprise website, more or less in the design there are some deficiencies, reflected in all aspects, such as: Banner, website design, structure column design, layout design and so on.


layout design is the key, the user determines the visual comfort, thereby affecting the access depth of website visitors, in the layout design should pay attention to only use a column on the left, not even mixed along the diagonal.

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