Master 4 points easy to solve the problem of home page drop

on the home page was down right, there is a saying, some people think that after site:, home is not in the first, that is the right to drop, and some think that the site in Baidu suddenly find, ranking is down right. I personally disagree with both points of view.

first, site home page is not in the first theory, I do link is generally use site to check each other’s station, included snapshot and so on. Recently, someone asked me if this station was down right, results home row to second, that does not represent the right to be dropped, you

look, the front pages of these stations are not in.

second, ranking change suddenly too big, you have to see what time, like 15 day Baidu will have larger changes, your station optimization is not good, then it will change. General changes, dozens or even hundreds of names are normal. Because Baidu as the largest search engine in Chinese, too many sites competition, there are too many SEO experts in Baidu for optimization.

other not say more, or tell you about how to solve site home page is not in the first problem;

A recent analysis of

1. do Links, if the other side of the station was drop right or a problem with the server by Baidu punish you stand will be implicated, find out the reasons and remove these factors over a period of time you site the first natural recovery.

2. see page

existence of keyword superposition, the major search engines are not love keyword especially title and content superposition superposition keyword seriously punished by Baidu back to the home page right down. If that’s the reason, set the title, content, and the density of keywords in the home page.

3. in the article or inside the page to add anchor text links, point to the home page, strengthen the home page weight. Point to the home page of the connection more, the home engine that the home page of the weight of the bigger, of course, a page of the connection to the home page should be skillful, the same text pointing to the same link too much, will be considered cheating.

4. more outside the chain, the chain of the role I said, we do SEO is very clear, the chain can not only improve the rankings and improve the weight of home page.

generally grasp the four points you can easily solve the problem of home is right down, certainly not like using the solution method is not easy, I hope readers at.

finally concludes: SEO is not a technical key, it is to learn to analyze, learn to analyze problems.

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