finally understand the hard work of doing the procedure

started when we do this program we are more blind just responsible person said once we started up in this process we eat a lot of pain sometimes three or four a.m. we still can finally make overtime work is too slow to input our supervisor and lead us to their computer room the first floor is to look at their previous program; don’t know, a look scared the daylights out of us, before that we have such a thought, as long as you can do it, there is no error on the line, but the speed? What input people an hour of our program may require a morning after the director told us: This program you will send you with


that blow, hard for a few days and a few nights, is finally a result of such a result. We can fight to fight again to do! We have the relative experience than before, a mature, after another day and night fighting we finally have a new hope, but the mood just then news came, they said the distribution proportion the change of price, there has been a new adjustment of this before we thought about this problem, want to do well, but we also think their factory is not practical to change? This possibility is very small, so I will have to Party during the variable written into the code. A variable to announce that I am to go bankrupt. A few of them are the same with me, so those of us who have not developed software, who are experts in software, have to face new problems again,

a few days later we made a program, very hard at this point we understand the programmer is not easy, effective programming is a very slow, but each other and see if one is not careful, your program may not open, or else what is said, it is finished, you what days of the results can be seen, this paper reprinted as something else, do, so that we can see. My program there is a little trouble in the final debugging, and the salary distribution corresponding to each employee, but I have no idea of a time point, only corresponding to the position, so I failed my internship life will come to an end.

Of course, the surface is

than I failed, failed miserably; but in a sense I have reached my goal, because only the failure of people never stop thinking of the footsteps, aroused the sleeping I thought, I make a blind heart in the direction, I can’t do this lost, down from there, I will stand up from there, others practice a month I although only sixteen days, but in the past sixteen days I never stopped. I was working hard during the night, so stressed out my experience rather than in any one of them individual. This article source 28 business opportunities network: reproduced, please indicate the source

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