How should the novel stand in line with the trend of mobile e book reading

1: mobile phone e-book reading accounted for data

first look at a group of data at the beginning of 2010, the media market advisory "China Mobile Internet market and Internet users behavior investigation report", the Chinese mobile Internet users to investigate the purpose. The main purpose of the Internet access for Chinese mobile phones, according to the results of the survey, reads novels as the main purpose of 51.7%. According to the survey, more than 50% of the options are only 3, and reading E-books has become the third largest mobile service in addition to chat and news services, much ahead of entertainment such as games and videos.


At the same time, according to the statistics of

mobile phone users of wireless products purchase intention ", although there are more than 39% mobile phone users China said they did not accept any wireless payment products, but it is worth noting that the mobile phone reading project in the proportion of 37.5% in the row are willing to buy wireless products for the first time, way ahead to other services. Therefore, reading products are the most easily accessible services for users.


two: mobile phone reading features

According to

Chinese published scientific research institute of the book reading rate survey, more than 08 years, the ratio of 18 year old adult reading a book a year but 49.3%. around us every two adults a year even didn’t read a book. One of the top reasons for not reading is: no time. The second reason is that the price is more expensive without reading, for a 200 page book, people’s psychological price only 11 yuan, but the usual price is obviously more than this level.

but it’s not that people don’t want to read, but the pace of modern life is pretty fast, and busy work and learning make them really seem to have no time. But it’s just looking, in fact, the time of the modern people is fragmented. For example, in big cities, commuting time is a fragmented period of time. Only a lot of people won’t be holding a book at that time.

e-book reader can solve these two problems, can make full use of various pieces of time, and can make the acquisition cost is very low, or even free, now there are many websites offer free ebook download txt. With the mobile terminal, especially the replacement of mobile terminals, the popularity of mobile phone e-book reading will become very bright. Next, let’s look at some data to see how the reading time of the fragmentation pattern is distributed.

The use of

from the mobile browser can reflect the bits and pieces of moving reading from side to side,

in 2010, when users use their mobile phones to surf the web, 47.8% of them use electronic books, and more than 50% of the time spent using the browser on their vehicles. So, in other words, quite a few people use >

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