How did my girlfriend and earn 6000 of our monthly income

let me tell you a story about my girlfriend and me first.

I moved to a village in Guangzhou because of the job shift. In order to pay more than a few friends, on Baidu search a forum, found no popularity, send a post no one replies. Strange, a village is so big, how no one on? At that time decided to engage in a make a prompt decision, a popular forum. In a day, BBS on-line, I constantly in Guangzhou each BBS propaganda, do links, plus local QQ group constantly propaganda, a month down, there are one thousand people registered, popularity day by day. Every Saturday and every day, some members of the organization organize activities. Just once, when I went to the bar, I met my girlfriend, and we lived together in half a month. Originally, she served as my secretary in the forum QQ group, and now she is promoted to Secretary of life.

because my girlfriend’s spare time, also love cross stitch embroidery, and I have an old colleague embroidery factory, I decided to do a combination, a cross stitch site (, I spent half the links, advertising, Baidu came in second. At that time, really crazy, a day from Baidu over one thousand IP, through my publicity, there are two thousand IP.

we come back from work every day, that is, we have received consultation. We have been busy for an average of five hundred orders a day, with a profit of around one hundred. I saw traffic has three thousand, the webmaster’s first reaction is to do GG advertising. Then I hung up my GG alliance advertising, SP advertising, advertising alliance, add up to the game, the average day is also about one hundred, so a month down, earned a total of more than 6000. But I’m not satisfied. I’ve added more than one ad to every page. That’s the problem. The site is K. All of a sudden, all revenues vanish like soap bubbles.

, but I still do not give up, continue to do links, but a month down, or did not collect back. I was wondering if it would be a link problem, will it be JS plus too much? Will it be a website poisoning? I’m going to change one by one, two months are gone, or it’s useless.

my heart, decided to re register a domain name cross stitch, also change your site for the total static page, and bought an expensive space, from the beginning of 0, each extension steps are very careful. Five days was included in the Baidu, still pretty fast, and now has been arranged in the third page, I believe that another half a month, you can row in the first page, ha ha.

you ask me what I do? I’m a car modification network. Now I manage more than 200 websites, one model and one station. Well, I’m tired. Who called me a webmaster ah, I also hope to communicate with you.

reproduced, please add one of my new stations: Honda CRV modified

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