Some thoughts on building independent blog

actually, this is Lao Geng, who has always wanted to write an article about independent blogs, and write some experiences about independent blogs over the past few months. Although the time of blogging is very short, I feel very deep. In February 1st the old Geng is bought from the chief of the host, toss in a month, familiar with the WordPress program, the former from other place to write the things around, was changed to March 2nd now domain is considered the official start to write.

blog is a boring process, often in order to write an article to spend several hours, but when the blog will need their re thinking, thinking, this process can make their own understanding of the issues and views more into the system, but also cultivate the habit of thinking problems also, you can exercise the ability of writing, of course, can know more friends, if possible can earn a little money.

recently, someone has been adding my QQ and asked me all kinds of questions about blogging. I would like to share my understanding and opinions about blog today and share it with you.

independent blog’s focus area,

Geng old when

started also read a lot of articles about the independent blog, the blog will focus on an independent field, which can improve the professional blog, like the old Google Reader subscription in Geng Valley Austria and niche software are of this type, the main Olympic Valley released some Google related information, small software share a variety of free software.

although the old Geng is love this type of blog, but does not want to put their own blog into this area and not so high up to a certain field, on the other hand, I also not every day, watching the same thing. Although it’s not the right thing to do, it’s not fun to write a blog. Of course, it’s just for me personally.

Geng in the blog to write, first is my personal recognition and interesting things, so that we can write some real feelings. For example, my blog may use a label most is Windows 7, which in fact some experience is the use of old Geng in Windows 7, but if I focus on the Windows 7, and Windows 7 related articles, is not no, but I don’t think so, because that is the portal to do things. I think blogs should share some personal experiences and ideas, not blogging for a software, a company, or even a keyword.

So I wrote

Windows 7, Google wrote, written by Baidu, wrote the Tencent, wrote the anti-virus software, also wrote Han Han, also recommended a TV, and there has been focused in one field, but I wrote some interested or I’m interested in something.

independent blog SEO

SEO (search engine optimization), which is every independent Blogger

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