Write soft text how to tap news points

writing soft text, looking for publicity highlights, is a lot of people quite headache thing, in fact, there are many skills, mastered them, will no longer worry, soft text did not write.

can not be denied that the enterprise is a rational organization, no personality features beautiful, it is not that there are a lot of legendary movie star, can be written, most of the enterprises is developed step by step from the date of the establishment of the. Perhaps that’s why most businesses feel that they have nothing to say in the face of the media.

in fact, in this era, more and more people become enterprise people, therefore, more and more people pay attention to the people, things and things of the enterprise. From the media perspective, here was full of valuable things. If you can look at all the internal with the eyes of the media, you will be surprised to find that: the original own businesses are so much! I own to share in Amoy class network operation soft experience, I hope useful for everyone.

1, product

if your business has developed very valuable new products, this may be a big news. Why? Because: product is the material basis for promoting social progress, social progress is mainly through products to let people perceive. Don’t think this is an exaggeration. That’s the way it is! The products developed by our enterprises should be recognized from this point of view, and the news items should be found out.

assumes a simple example: if Haier has developed a new product such as a home robot, it’s believed that as long as you give it to the media, a lot of the media will be racing to report it. The reason is that this product means the progress of society, and the characteristics of the media determine that they will pay attention to it. Why can appliance products with nanotechnology attract widespread attention from the media? Just because this technology is epoch-making, this product didn’t exist before. You should always see the "first" in your product. What kind of benefits can it bring to you? Where is the difference?

2, leader

each enterprise leader has characteristics, regardless of his character, performance, or experience, are likely to attract attention, these are highlights, news points. In leading people to do articles, avoid the "enterprise without personality" this characteristic, the focus shifted to the living person. In the eyes of readers, such articles tend to be readable, and thus the rate of reading is high.

in fact, since the reform and opening up, China has appeared a lot of business stars, with the arrival of the era of entrepreneurs, such a star will be more and more, they will also like movie stars, admired, sought after. For example, Shi Yuzhu again attracted media attention, he also became the idol of many people. These people may of melatonin is not interested, but by Shi Yuzhu’s attention, they will focus on melatonin, Shanghai special attention.

is very much!

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