Refute Overseas stationmaster tells oneself in fact go abroad is a kind of pain that cannot tell

today I’m on my site to see someone reproduced < in fact, overseas owners abroad is not a pain > this article, but I personally do not think that is very true, or true.

In the

article, he compared Canada with China, and just as I was in Canada, but I wasn’t as passive as he was.

a lot of people always ask me how I got to Canada. In fact, I was cheated into canada. Because in a few years ago, one of my brothers and I go to play games with me, although we are well mixed, but the young can’t waste, we go abroad to try again, I lit a cigarette, said, where do you want to go to Canada?. Because the place is easier to visa than the United States, and the English speaking countries. I spit out the smoke ring, and said, "well, when you pass the material, I handed over the material, I would like to find how much money, anyway, or how much money, and go out to see is also good.".

results, and in the end, I was signed. He wasn’t signed. I remember when I was on the plane, don’t know what I’m going to Canada any specific location, only know the plane someone to pick me up, I also didn’t have much money, 500 euros in cash and a bank Chinese overdraft 500 dollar credit card.

when I got off the plane, I found that the rent required a deposit. Although I paid a few months’ rent, I received a deposit of $315, a deposit of $300, and a key charge of $15.

I think sometimes people can do something in desperation. With my previous years, I opened my notebook, joined, bought a $200 chip, a night of patience, won $1100, straight out, shut the computer. So, my computer and my personal internet fees came out, and I started doing my own job in canada.

Canada is a good place. You didn’t come here. I don’t know. The air here won’t make you sick. I always have rhinitis in my country. After coming, I’ll be all right. A lot of people think it’s cold here. In fact, winter is much more comfortable than in the country. I never return to China in winter because the winter indoor temperature policy is not allowed to be below 23 degrees.

if you are in Canada, you want to find a job, a good life, then you completely to the right place, here to open the bus driver, the driver should not be considered, is the conductor, a year can get 100 thousand dollars in salary, as many people despise the dishwasher or send lunch etc. the salary is not low, where to go. In other words, you are the prime minister in Canada, and your salary will not exceed 10 times that of the floor sweeping, or perhaps 5 times, none of which can be imagined in china. A lot of people work because of money. Don’t tell me that work is not for money. Since money is pretty much, you don’t do the same thing, of course, if you do

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