Network shopping guide is a good business door can not retain users

the theme of "why the U.S. does not appear beautiful" from commercial culture, Amazon and Taobao organized commodity model, and user guide Sino US export demand, analysis of the three aspects of the domestic shopping guide this wave of heat generated by the environment of entrepreneurship. But it hasn’t answered, "is it a good business to do online shopping in the country?"". At first I thought the relationship with Taobao or the future entrance is concentrated or dispersed things, influence and even decide the development of shopping community, now more important is their ability to retain users.

one, eat Taobao rice,

in 2011 June, Taobao split up into three separate subsidiaries. Independent of a Amoy net, take over the Taobao and Taobao promotion alliance business, Taobao website advertising business is also said to be a net service. For free Taobao shop, the station through the car advertising and a variety of advertising, it is the most direct and the most important source of income. However, because Tmall mall, whether from the home page or search box, did not go out independently from Taobao, I still put the two together, known as Taobao.

Taobao’s position in the electricity supplier sector, just like Baidu in the search field, the two companies like two traffic black hole, boot and absorb huge user traffic. The Qihoo 360 into the search field, with the browser and other channels of energy within a few days into more than 20% market share, let more people see, the domestic Internet is a flow out of the business.

Taobao early years, in the long tail of small and medium-sized sites put a lot of advertising, there are many webmaster think it is those who can not get on the table of small web site, raised Taobao. After that, Taobao launched Taobao, and set up promotional alliances. Tens of thousands of Taobao and ad networks, carrying small Taobao ads, like a beacon light in the network ocean, stream traffic into Taobao pages, helping Taobao build a huge business empire.

and "beautiful" and "" are two super sized Taobao customers. They break the boundaries of the shops, allow users to be surrounded by the product directly, and show more comfortable and efficient products through social attention, theme sharing and expressive picture stream display. In terms of data, that is, higher conversion rates.’s CEO June shared a set of data: Taobao’s conversion rate is 8%-10%. Far more than 4% of the average conversion rate of network advertising.

Taobao requires Taobao customers, but it does not want a single Taobao customer master so much traffic, for it means that the risk of shop loss, so Taobao also added to guide community competition, launched a Amoy and Taobao found that stubborn rabbit, last month released more than UV500 million stubborn rabbit beautiful and

in addition, the user scale and conversion data of and beauty show the value of the shopping guide community to users and shops, so many entrepreneurs are also investing in community shopping guide sites

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