How to deal with fluctuations in website traffic traffic diary

We know that

flow management a complete website in addition to know the true type, flow, flow quality, ad traffic flow, we need to know how to judge the flow fluctuation, and the reason the flow fluctuation analysis and forecast. Today we are going to talk about how to judge traffic fluctuations and how to analyze and predict traffic fluctuations.

1. Traffic fluctuation management skills: create traffic diary

to judge whether the fluctuation of efficient web traffic and management, we have to understand the change of site traffic, the "traffic diary" records can make the flow changes every glance, will save a lot of time.

1. traffic Diary – Create method

On the web site traffic analysis tool digital automatic recording of different

"flow diary", this is, some important events recorded in website traffic on the site such as marketing, website testing, fault and internal and external adjustment of interior modulation, abnormal traffic, holidays and weekends.

, for example, here is a flow diary method for recording web applications:

The core of the

traffic diary method is to classify the traffic flow. The time is expressed in the form of date and week, and the attributes of the event are classified. Different colors are used to represent different events.

traffic classification: here traffic classification should be based on your own main attention to the target traffic classification, to find these target traffic in the diary form inside;

time record: record the date, date, holiday and weekend separately, and can clearly distinguish the change and cause analysis of the flow in no longer time.

event attribute classification: classify complex events according to attributes, and represent them in different colors in the diary table. It is clear and intuitive;

marketing activities: EDM, CPS, special events, offline advertising, etc.;


fault downtime;

internal testing: brush IP tool testing;

internal adjustments: internal policy adjustments, such as SEM, bid, match mode, etc.;

external adjustment: external flow source adjustment, such as search engine included amount adjustment;

abnormal traffic: cheating traffic, internal access, etc.;

holidays: all kinds of statutory holidays;

weekend: Saturday, sunday.

2. traffic Diary – event capture method

knows how to create a web traffic diary, so how do you get access to events in the flow diary? Typically, access to event attributes within the flow diary can be obtained by the following 3 methods:


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