only spent 4 yuan RMB on Google click ads

I Google AdWords earlier in my software "modifier" and "mass digital dragon" baby love songs "content click on ads, a pay per click 0.2 yuan to 50 yuan a day spent in advertising.

but last week, I advertised my software, "mainland China again and again", because it was free software, and I just gave it a try and offered only 5 cents. Did not expect, second days, I spent more than 60 yuan balance. Later, I changed the offer to 4 cents. Without advertising restrictions, I could spend more than 50 yuan a day.

below is a screenshot of my ad background:



see from the figure, my day of advertising fee is 56.52, in exchange for 1413 hits, on average, each click 0.04 yuan. From the antecedents of my site statistics, there are 1210 clicks from the Google ad, invalid clicks are estimated to have 203, fairly good.

, and in Ali mom do click advertising, the minimum cost is 8 cents. I also bought the mother of Ali’s long advertising, but also deceptive majority, I once gave the baby love children’s songs advertising, spent 50 yuan, bought 51 hits.

I said so much, do some Google Adsense advertising webmaster will scold me, in fact, we should reprint this article, more people see the article, more people will Google to advertise, because the competition effect, Google Chinese advertising will be more and more high price.

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