Site analysis case from Taobao home focus diagram for user experience

the two day they have been thinking about a problem. Taobao home every day there are so many focus map, in the same amount of display situation, which focus diagram can get more clicks?.

so I looked for a few of the focus maps I’ve made and did a little research. The survey involved only a few of my friends on QQ. And the number of people surveyed is also small. Maybe the research results are not comprehensive, but maybe they can explain some of them.

below is the eight picture I selected for this survey:


these eight pictures have a certain difference in style. I summed it up myself, and gave a rough analysis of the eight focus maps.


: a dazzling colors strong, outstanding brand, partial cute direction, the concept of promotion without words, without digital

figure two: compare quality, light color, outstanding selling point, permanent mail, affiliate keywords, VIP

figure three: color slants pink, focus on mailing activities, subsidiary information: product brand and activity time, activity coordination time node, limited time condition

four: dark lines, strong visual contrast, focusing on spike, conveying information: brand, activity and activity time. Text temptation, limited time conditions,

five: attractive brand names, picture style, petty bourgeoisie, prominent discount information, limited time information. Display a single product.

Figure six: comparison with

pictures of naked women, by drawing 1 yuan panic buying activity, strong visual impact. Beauty +1 yuan + send IPAD selling point stimulation.

, seven: warm, dark colored, solid background. Text, products, pictures too much, the focus is not prominent, the use of hot figures to create Matthew effect.

eight: warm tones, girls feelings, highlighting activities, brand influence. Conveying information: product brand, category and style

I will send me some pictures of the eight friends (for thirty people, including 9 boys and 21 girls, age with me not much difference, 20 to 30 years old), let them in accordance with the intuition to choose eight focus map click order. And arrange them for me. And tell the reason for choosing a particular picture. The statistical results are as follows:


I sort out the data, set the number of the first hits to 8, the number of second hits to 7, and so on, and finally the number of hits is set to 1. Then sorted out the eight chart, each scoring weight as follows:


total score rank: figure 6> figure 8> figure 5> figure 3> figure 7> graph >

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