How do a small number of web production companies cheat people

to the website production company, I believe there are many customers will complain, and some people will feel very good, the site to do very satisfactory, good service. I said today is a poor service website production company, just to let more friends to understand the company’s website do eat yabakui, take their IDC company just entered XX see and do all the talk.

1, seemingly guaranteed, but not all

as long as the customer to do, no matter what, as long as the money, what will I have to say, as long as the customer payment conform to the contract what can be said, why do you say, do not think that the contract is the talisman, wrong! **IDC is not the pig, the contract they are ready, even if you took the contract to see for a long time, you can not see what. But actually, a problem, it is useful to **IDC, even if default will not lose money, do not ask me why, he is so capable! Because he can play edge ball, the law on the Internet is not enough.

2, the phone changes over time,

new customers, customer service is usually very gentle, very enthusiastic to introduce you, of course, now the industry is like this. When you buy a space or domain name, everything is OK at the beginning, when something goes wrong. For example: space can not access, you call to ask what the reason is, she will have to tell a word, "Mr technology has been dealt with, what 24 hours technical personnel in the process, it is sweat! Heck, the server is generally not in the company, understand the meaning is a? The phone to restart the server. In fact, the most innocent old customers, saying it is cheaper for him, so that he bought more years, in fact, the price is the same as the other.

3, the site finished, turn the space or transfer domain name

this is the most troublesome thing, see what IDC is, if WAN network, the new network, it will definitely come on, some companies simply do not allow, but did not say.

4, site modification,

if the effect is not good, let the little IDC is modified, the most annoying thing, because we can’t spend too much time on a web site, please website production staff is also less, so in different an excuse to refuse, for this approach, please optimistic about the contract, generally can not refund will, in the card, deliberately speak so to tell you, in fact, even if you go to, or not a good discussion, for those companies to do the site pretty anxious friends more painful, so keep your eyes open.

concluded: "it’s just that you chose a garbage IDC, of course, most of the services are good, and there’s only a small amount of garbage. It depends on how you divide it.".

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