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, first of all, means you’ve just come up with this idea, and soon you’re looking for someone to sell. As for the reasons for not looking for venture capitalists, there are two main points:

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new network in Zhejiang in March 21, Hangzhou City, especially the Xiasha Higher Education Park many of the beauty of the girls, now often go to taobao one called "Xiasha fourteen Niang cosmetics monopoly" and "shop" stroll, because in this "shop" can Amoy to the young skin, SUKI, THEFACESHOP, MaryKay, Zogu, and so many affordable herbal cosmetics brand original products, and it is said that the price is high.

editor’s note: the author is Abhishek Anand, founder and Dressrs of CEO. Started business in 2009, now in addition to the identity of entrepreneurs, but also served as a number of technical magazine and business weekly guest columnist.

after this, Xuan Zhi Zhi has sprouted an idea – – open a cosmetics shop on the net.

everyone is talking about financing right now. Every month, or even every week, start-ups get financing.

, the owner of the "online shop", is a famous "Fourteen Niang" in the Xiasha Higher Education Zone — Xuan Xuan Zhi, a girl who has just graduated from Hangzhou Dianzi University. Although this "shop" has been operating for more than half a year, but the "Fourteen Niang" of the entity shop "shopping center" is still in Xiasha opened.

personally, with creativity, you have to find potential consumers, not investors.

in short, a good venture capitalist can not only provide you with the necessary help, but also make your enterprise produce more value.

, remember to find potential customers first,

but even so, I don’t agree. When you have an idea of entrepreneurship, first go to venture capitalists and sell it.

of course, I’m not saying it’s bad to find venture capitalists. But for me, I’m afraid I’ll go and talk to them only when the risk capitalist can listen to as many as 20 ideas at breakfast. Only in this way can they provide unique insights.

of course, no matter what point, it is the risk capitalists do not approve of you, and do not agree with the performance. Although they really can play many different kinds of roles, they provide help and support to the enterprise, but there is a role they can’t play, that is, consumers.

, don’t rush to find venture capitalist

at the end of August last year, her debut in the Taobao online shop, it has attracted a lot of attention Hangzhou girl. "But I found that urban girl requirements for product brand is relatively high, but their lack of funds, not enough supply of goods and varieties, lost a lot of customers, then listen to the advice of friends, re positioning of the product shop." Xuan change Zhi said, she was thinking, anyway, they live in Xiasha, delivery what is very convenient, and students are good deal with, so she began to find cost-effective products. "That is, repeat students, mainly located in Xiasha City University students. After two months of September and October adjustments, the basic positioning of the good, the first two months of accumulation of customers have begun to turn back, so from November, business will be fine." Business from the Internet to do the network, "all low-cost operations, the money as far as possible into the good products.". I am now a few brands of products, basically the source of the product. Do their own wholesale, the price is also competitive

group found that business opportunities generally after August and September each year, because the air is dry, the girls are ready to start lipstick. Last August, some netizens posted on the Hangzhou 19 floor forum said that their lips were too dry and hoped someone would recommend a good lipstick. Some people replied that the United States brand of lipstick is very nourishing, good. A lot of thread agree, think this lipstick is good. So someone suggested who would come out and organize a group purchase. Just Xuan change sesame in the United States over there source of goods, she volunteered to stand out, and finally there are more than 40 net friend participate in group buying. "Because I have never shopped online, always thought that meet the transaction is a promise to authentic products, so the group purchase after the arrival of the goods, I give users one by one to the office or at home, mainly to let everyone buy at ease." Modified Zhi Xuan smiled and said, although the group purchase belong to the basic obligation of labor, from the organization of supply to door-to-door tired she cruelly, but let her find business opportunities, and the accumulation of customers, earn a reputation. After online shopping success, I suddenly feel that online shop can try."

any idea is strange at the very beginning, and venture capitalists may scare away it;

After an idea has been created,

financing, I’ve talked about it so many times, almost every day on the Quora to answer questions related to it. Among them, the highest frequency problem is "I have an excellent idea, but how should I draw the attention of investors? Who should I introduce myself to?"

in addition, venture capitalists can help you in advance to grasp market trends or investor attitudes and help you in time when you need them.

said that it is an idea, that is to say, it is still naive, so it is impossible to get the support of venture capitalists;

is not bound by a particular schedule, and has a purely academic attitude to find him and talk to you before he can get your perspective. For example, how should we solve the problems arising from the operation, expansion and recruitment of enterprises?. Venture capitalists are able to give both specific and practical insights as long as they are relevant to the business.

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