This is the day But the hearts of entrepreneurs Mai KanLiu Erchuang new quick money 2 dig valuable

the real reason is: dark horse brother want to pour a sad bitterness, literally write, full of paper is sad tears. The following section Tucao solemnly declare: if the horse brother Tucao convulsions, shock, mad and other symptoms, or pessimistic, world weary and disillusioned mood, horse brother is not responsible.

the idea of inspiration: a friend a few days ago inside the group asked, how can we improve his website income? To tell the truth this problem is not a very good answer, then I took a look at his website, is a ASP class with the IP tutorial site, every day at around 2000, hanging on the sh419 ads with shlf1314 ads, he said his daily income only 10 dollars, I feel the tragedy for him, earn a year just to earn a server costs, ah, later found his site did not what good terminal, simply didn’t help him, this idea was a few days ago to think, but because these days something, they had not written, really feel shy.

what are the troubles of the dark horse brother?

third, blamed by the loser. In fact, the dark horse brother must know, every time to write a small game, there are countless pairs of glasses burning staring at you, each finished small rockets, dark horse will sneeze several, dark horse brother know someone will say this hateful media we write we fail, how can such a thing to write it.

2: after selecting the keywords we need to make a website or blog free OK, for example, I now take the 2D desktop sights the word on a web site, the description of the website we can refer others to sell Taobao, then we’d better put to the video, because the video is the most convincing. Put the following Amoy baby.

wrote a few days ago, the new quick money 1: cheating day earn 100, in the heart of feeling is a little bit of immoral, actually, this is the network, immoral people, yes, hey. A regular thing today, new money fast 2: explore optimization keywords money! First of all that this idea is very simple, SEO understand better, don’t understand also never mind, because it is simple, if you don’t mind, ask how much money, I also do not answer you. Do more, do less less, do not. Different keywords have different terminals, and explore valuable keywords, that’s the real thing.

crashed out of the Q card, O2O advertising media empire dream to Yuan"

Second, even if the

"electronic mall:" why China best business model "sudden death"

4: the effect of different keywords is different naturally. I can’t guarantee how much money you can make. Or that sentence: "do more, do less, don’t do it."

look at the classic game

2: make a single page website or blog this almost once included can be ranked to the home page

is written, PR can not find you? Whether to write to write small entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, who are not willing to be classified as a loser ending, so when writing and who failed again, generally less than 9 in the morning, the public telephone straight take over, then that is a variety of requirements change, all sorts of requests to delete articles, or even use the official weapons, which makes the horse brother struggling to cope.



"leisure food independent electricity supplier" ground gas "die"

1: look for valuable keywords, choose those that are not competitive or have little competition I’ll show you later,

4, readers Tucao can not afford. The reader will say enough depth, no reason to write, or just scold this article logical confusion, and illogical and ungrammatical, following a long condemning, this will make the dark horse brother Chafanbusi, very sad, parents are not satisfied, of course, the dark horse brother pain ah.


if the case collection, a business textbook is not too much, but behind this, the reporter is a bitter, of course I’m afraid that business as well as to the "summary" from failure.

OK, say the following main steps:

to this period not only defeat, tucao. Is it because there is no loser in the world, or does the dark horse want to be lazy? If you are willing to believe the two reasons above, I would rather believe that Leslie Cheung is still alive.

Tucao above four points, is not to say that the horse will not write little brother defeat "

probably said operation,

one, writing failure is too difficult to write, success is happy. Dark horse brother love is also very successful, is not willing to talk with others Tucao their failure, in addition to the wine $ also…… 3500 words are omitted here.. So, small defeat difficult, difficult in the few people would like to say, basically every time that XX you talk about your failure story, in addition to hear the phone a long beep, basically no echo.

3: waiting to collect, grasp the transformation.

1 option value, so what is the keyword value? Here I have to explain that there are different views, different people such as slimming products, this is the valuable keywords, but the competition is too large, we do not have to do, how to do? To choose the competition of not OK, many words have not been SEOR to discover, or that they free the word index, to optimize this, not much to say. For example: valuable keywords easy optimization: 2D snooker sight, one minute quick to prevent imitation, for the two.

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