Who is the king of glory amnesty Mobile Games Entrepreneurs beat him MSN was born in innovation die

amazing gold absorption capacity has not only brought the price for the outbreak of the Tencent, has also led to the large number of entrepreneurs to join the game, they tried to seize the market as the third party platform, entrepreneurial direction covers content, community, gaming, play with play…… Even the capital side began to set up a special look at "King glory" in the direction of the entrepreneurial team.

MSN was once a white-collar exclusive. Now, sitting in the clean room of the ditty, remember, after graduating from college in 2005, the first words between colleagues are "plus me MSN", with MSN, that is, this gentleman has completed the transition from students to white-collar workers. Moreover, many of the units to disable , and for MSN, is spared, because this is a lot of work in the communication tools. MSN was very popular, "at that time"

deep play "king of glory", ruffian wolf was determined to make the king of glory third party industry. He judged that under the big IP, there are bound to be countless opportunities.

used to be "tall",

and want a hand swim from phenomenal to eternal prosperity, can no longer rely on the user’s own interest in the game cycle, but to build around the IP itself huge ecosphere. And the third party start-up companies to join, obviously for this business added more chips. The monopoly in large game manufacturers today, a move also open monopoly.

Internet development volatility. Two recent industry news and Microsoft, one is in charge of Dr. Zhang Yaqin Microsoft China to join sh419, then Microsoft announced that MSN will be closed at the end of October, the user will be automatically transferred to Skype IM instant messaging. Industry for this piece of sorrow. Software executives quit Internet companies, IT and MSN Skype trend to shift, it is expected that, as early as in 2012 the global MSN to Skype, we speculated that Chinese is no exception, just because of the special circumstances of China, MSN Chinese user service lasted some days.

critical choice

down to primary school students, up to more than 40 year old middle-aged people, in leisure time to kill a "King pesticide" has become a popular Chinese landscape. This beta game began in November 2015, the user has exceeded two hundred million, more than 50 million active users, creating a new record of smart phone games on the Tencent platform. Large user revenue data burst, is only a hero of the skin, can make the Tencent a day income of 150 million.

review: once dominated global instant messaging overlord MSN, in the introduction of 15 years later, is about to withdraw from the stage of history, staged another "superstar fall" story. Looking back now, the development of MSN seems to prove that Microsoft’s attitude is changing.

when Microsoft announced its stop in MSN service in China, MSN was in decline, market share declined, and its response to the departure of users was not strong. Perhaps Microsoft, instant messaging and other Internet and social software way out in the emerging crowd, Microsoft’s next success in the market or not, need to see Microsoft for the emerging population struggle for.

, "hand travel" has been the lack of phenomenon products, and the strong end of the mobile and user fragmentation needs, but destined to hand travel will certainly erupt. The king’s glory appeared at this point." < >

face the impact of emerging social software and the loss of old users, Microsoft does not abandon the instant messaging market, the acquisition of Skype, integration of both businesses, and strive to make breakthroughs in instant messaging and social tools.

key policy

critical moment,

King glory detonated hand travel market


third party data company launched the "2016 Gamma data China Gaming Industry Report" shows that the "king of glory" 2016 annual income is 6 billion 800 million yuan, in 2016 accounted for 17.7% of total revenue total China Mobile Games.

Prior to

began in May, Tencent shares in Hong Kong Stock Exchange experienced a sustained rise, the market value of a breakthrough of $300 billion. And this wave behind the market, can not be separated from a "king of glory" hand travel.

September 2016, CEO received a ruffian wolf dog fishing industry news, "king of glory" will become the Tencent of the main push channel game, is likely to be running out of the first national competitive Mobile Games.

Microsoft is too large: MSN invariant paternity in product design is not rest on its laurels, respect the customer experience; in the market did not make good use of the "white collar" user advantage; in terms of localization is to keep up with the rhythm of the user.

policy results

Internet makes the world no peace, this situation, I am afraid that the king of software Microsoft also have to face. Looking back now, the development of MSN seems to prove that Microsoft’s attitude is changing.

, ask the dog to do 5 years of game data and user community, mainly for World of Warcraft, heroes Union LOL, turret 2 DOTA2 to establish third party data platform for a variety of online games products. Competition for hand travel hand transformation is the first time. Because this tour hand, whether it is Tencent or third party start-up companies, do not think it is just a flash in the pan business.

gaming to the end, always feeling is king. How long will the life cycle of the king’s glory be, and where is the future of the start-up company that grew out of the glory of the king?

Internet Storm treacherous, Microsoft in the development of the Internet market and MSN im always in a passive, in China is experiencing strong opponent and a series of new social software under siege.

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