Last year a flood of vertical division services how do entrepreneurs guarantee success this yearTh

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twenty-first Century is the era of the Internet, the Internet is a Wangzhuan derivatives, the development of promising, will in the future to create more social wealth, we must have a long-term vision to look at it, although it also has some negative things, such as some people use it to get money, bring deceptive information to the Internet, you can not only see the negative impact on the other side of things, we should take measures to try to use some methods to prevent it, this is the key.

China is also in recent years was more popular in the Internet to make money, to do all kinds of projects are more and more, really can make money, but also the existence of deceptive items, this is the two sides of things, not only have the good side, there is a bad side, no matter how, Wangzhuan to us the benefits are far greater than the negative effects associated with the.

so, is it really easy to start a business in a vertical division,

with the development and popularization of Internet, more and more people join the ranks of Wangzhuan, it will in the future of the Internet era has become a mainstream, relevant thing today is that the prospects for the future development of the network to make money. Wangzhuan, namely the network to make money, make money online, its biggest feature is the use of the Internet to make money, as an emerging industry, constantly popular, has just started is difficult, after all, people of new things requires a process to understand it in order to accept it, the first is foreign born at that time, not many people know Wangzhuan this new thing, the beginning is difficult to start, and in the early days of making money online project is relatively small, money is not much, but that time is not the Wangzhuan liar, because just started and there are a lot of people don’t feel optimistic about it, what the future development.

1, entrepreneurship tickets – startup gold

2, self – team quality

Internet brings convenience and unlimited business opportunities for human resource sharing is its characteristics, Wangzhuan is a resource, you can share it with friends all over the world, such as some good Wangzhuan, experience, skills, technology, etc..


the quality here is not the quality of culture, but the quality of entrepreneurship. What is the most important thing in the process of entrepreneurship?

at the end of 2015 the capital of winter comes, many entrepreneurial teams do not have enough money to sustain the final collapse, think of opening when financial difficulties come suddenly in high and vigorous spirits, at the end of the year, believe in entrepreneurship center is also the founder of Shenzhen lengnuanzizhi; a door car platform company, to prepare for the 100W venture capital results only persist in 7 more than a month, but also in the staff salary down to the minimum standards of Shenzhen.

Since When

is in short, Wangzhuan can bring wealth, we should seize the opportunity, hope that friends can make one out of their own Wangzhuan road Original:

Wangzhuan has become a new industry, and it can create wealth for the society, so we can draw the conclusion that it is something new can be accepted by people, and there will be more and more people to join in, at the same time, we can see its development potential is great, all of these can be some the case has fully demonstrated.

entrepreneurial team started, most of the time is only a concept or a business plan, this time just as a little seed, if only to rely on the angel round of investment spending, entrepreneurial risk is great; in the Guangzhou Shenzhen area, according to several startups to contact and even in the government provided free business office, but the technology cost, operation team’s basic living expenses, marketing expenses, the monthly cost is very expensive; if is the key online experience the type of business, then the cost will be greater, the total count down, early start, which afraid to live frugally, spending on 5w-10w.

in 2015 with several entrepreneurial team venture in vertical industry segments successfully, such as logistics network in the optimization step, the speed drops, come, Blue Rhino, traditional industries for the initial success of steel net ashore the huge profits in the market make the investment circles began to pay attention to and willing to spend money, reminders fire vertical segments in 2015 the industry’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, but with the second half of 2015 began financing tightening, more and more entrepreneurs go on, to 2016 the remaining entrepreneurs have become more modest and prudent.

of course, there is a rich start-up start-up gold, but also to ensure that the early start of the entrepreneurial team can concentrate on developing products and expand the market just.

with the development of society, the threshold for entrepreneurial start-ups is getting higher and higher. Ma Yun is ready to start the 50W venture, but today, if you only prepare 50W start gold, then estimate that you should have a lot of headaches later. Business like war, that is the ratio of the comprehensive strength who is strong, especially money, such as Didi, Jingdong, if there is no capital income, soon there will be a series of reactions, and if you do not have a strong capital support, entrepreneurs want to go to the IPO is basically impossible, terrible is many just think how much money entrepreneurs did not venture into the money, which is very difficult in the original venture itself added a mountain.

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