Four ways to make money onlineThe design of a good mobile App what are the rules


this is probably the most profitable Wangzhuan way. The above said Wangzhuan, income levels are limited, and sell products online network marketing if you do well, will be a lot of money to make money. Ultimately, what you would like to do is create your own web site. Then sell the product for the company to get the income.

will be paid

4, selling your own products online.

2, do Wangzhuan money survey

first, reducing user threshold. In fact, Michael Mace used the word "fear". He said that in the results of their investigation, many users in the first use of a mobile terminal products, there is some fear, mainly from three aspects: the account will not be compromised, the registration will not have the risk privacy will be affected, and whether one does not pay attention to, fill in the information is synchronized to the social network.

1, read paid email ads

Now we are talking The specific contents are as follows:

Michael Mace believes that the reasons for these problems there are a few points: "the product is for most people, you can’t expect the mainstream 80% people and understand the technology designed to understand the 20% people. Technology enthusiasts extreme will make products become very complicated, because they are designed for 20% people and himself." Another reason is that in the product design will often put in appearance, sliding and other interactive functions.

Michael Mace first to share some basic rules, such as not the design principle in the mobile terminal is copied from the web version, but to forget what happened on the web, people think of what happens in the mobile terminal, you can provide what solutions.

this is the oldest Wangzhuan way. You need to have a work email address. If you want to get a free email address, please visit or for free to register a mailbox. You may want to know how to earn money by reading e-mail online. It’s very simple. Because advertisers around the world need to promote products, so you read their ad mail and they pay you, and all you have to do is open the ad link and browse the ad.

should do?

. Here are four ways:

If you want to do Wangzhuan

do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan have to know about this industry, if you want to get really good income, you need your own website, you need to understand the advertising alliance. These are the basis of wangzhuan. The reality is that everyone wants to Wangzhuan, but many people will not know where to start. On this point network to help you.


3, making money through online marketing products

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by registering a number of completed research companies to participate in a paid online survey

is the second, the most important thing is not to let the user confused. Let the user confused things include: the user cannot read the function, the function of the hidden, slow speed, when the user is the function of "trapped" can not give timely feedback.


"so from the user to open a software at the moment, it is necessary to give them a present to their credit, for example, especially in your product and social networking sites, more need to have clear social network user data description." At this point, Michael Mace and example, praised this site at this point, they do very well in the process of registration of users in a "Your tasks will not be linked to your Facebook account in any way." if you do not agree, your schedule will not be in the association in any case and your Facebook account.

now through the network can make money is no longer what secret, everyone wants to learn how to earn pocket money on the Internet, and even to feed one family, so more and more people join Wangzhuan industry, but in the end how to network to make money, you need to carefully analyze. On the Internet, you can find ways to make money and use your spare time to make money online. You don’t have to be a computer genius, but it takes some time and effort to make money online.


but now you can’t make money online simply by reading e-mail over and over again. Because most e-mail is paid around $0.01. It’s going to take a long time to pay for it, so the best way is to promote it through the Internet and recruit referrals. Because these items are free of charge, so many people would like to join, so you can pay quickly. Here is the best company to pay for today’s reading email

if you want to build your own web site, then you need to publish your article, and submitted to the relevant web sites, to promote their own websites through it, and get a lot of traffic, the traffic will be able to make money.

for mobile development and software development for the web server is not the same, Michael Mace recently made one of the pioneering founder of UserTesting User Research in the past, apple Palm are responsible for marketing, product planning made a speech, introduced some of their mobile end user survey results product.

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