Remember Wang Zhidong founder of sina The fourth time started what was itThe secret site

in the 12 year period, it can be said that Wang Zhidong in business done tepid, mainly because sina is too successful at the time, he personally is a peak, it is hard to surpass; but people based on previous knowledge of his expectations are very high, this is a contradiction the. In any case, Wang Zhidong has been able to entrepreneurs work attitude are worthy of admiration: the first venture is the new world, because of the work environment and the choice of active home; the second venture is Sina four, Tongli Fang for equity structure and capital pressures forced to leave; the third venture is to click on the technology, adhere to the three years before to achieve profitability; now has fourth business, can be described as "an One aims for the far-off future".

simple understanding of Wang Zhidong’s history: 1988 graduated from Peking University Department of radio electronics; 1990 inaugural Founder group was founded in 1992; the new world electronic information Research Corporation Technologies, specializes in window interface software, developed the "Chinese star" software; 1993 four group of 5 million Hong Kong dollars invested four SRS on four 1998 and through online; U.S. SinaNet with, Wang Zhidong served as the four president and CEO of sina and SRS on 2000; LED Sina in the United States, in 2001, Wang Zhidong was forced to leave sina.

however, regardless of the outcome, he is to enjoy the process of Entrepreneurship: "there are two kinds of mountain climbing method, some people see the good scenery will be enjoyed; and pitch camp, some people only care about the process of climbing, climbing a tall, but never stay. Entrepreneurship is like the latter kind of mountain climbing, the charm lies in the process, so I never miss the scenery." Apart from the outside of his aura and or praise or respect.

website, there are a few tips to remember can be used as oral hung few doggerel:

secretly tell you a secret: to achieve this effect, as long as you do a decent advertisement in a newspaper, and then put the advertisement on the table. Another newspaper reporter came to visit, let this newspaper exposed half can be shy.

Second, I do not love the investment risk! But you see, now full streets are carrying money, no place to throw. The last time a girl here, crying to give money. With a guilty face, she said, "sorry, you can only give me 20 million dollars, because the U. S. headquarters only gives her so much authority.";

in the past week, there are a lot of trends in the field of online education: Li Yong closed chalk network will shift the focus from the ape exam, Gong Haiyan 91 teachers fought ladder network; however, there is now a led the industry’s attention, others beyond the reach of the chiefs were also involved, he is Wang Zhidong. He founded on campus, in fact, the site has been on-line for 1 years according to Wang Zhidong’s first dynamic is in November 22, 2012, should pass the beta and beta phase, until recently released the news in the media.


is to start from here to tell the time, Wang Zhidong left Sina after the founder of the click technology, focus on collaborative software; one year after the launch of the first set of enterprise management software "competitive co star"; February 2004, click technology obtained by $13 million of venture capital led by Fidelity International in 2006 to enter the instant; the field of communication, launched the concept of IM2.0 Lava-Lava; January 2009, Lenovo investment and a new round of investment, the amount is unknown, but still focus on the field of IM. In 2010, Lava game online was established in 2013. It provides an interactive platform for primary and secondary school students, parents and teachers.

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