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4, start-up companies can not pursue fairness, as long as the pursuit of justice can.

hunting cloud network reported on April 2nd Beijing Railway Station text / Fan Jingjing

Zhang Jinghua is the first pot of gold in the University and students together to write the computer books million yuan, after they took the money and three students opened Honghu studio, to other company website. The studio, which grew to 60 people, closed down in less than a year and lost about 600000.

the number of ads on page 3-… I think there’s no more than 2 clicks of text on a page, and GGAD’s policy is 3… But put 3 d

based on this, in the project to do flash loans, Zhang Jinghua only do his own grasp of small loans, their own big shareholders, and partners do not participate in each other’s investment. In addition, more important is he first put yourself into a corner, "entrepreneurs in other people also didn’t understand when you put yourself into a corner, let the market competitors enter, put out their own roots, not to let others to cool up."

3, no matter how small products have to do their own brands, entrepreneurs to control the product.

once wrote: I don’t know that Admin5 has not.. but I still continue to review articles. Continue to put their own feelings and communicate with everybody. Today my topic is GGAD. We will do the optimization of website advertising is GGAD, many master also wrote GGAD optimization technology, today I write not completely correct but also my own experience..

key step optimization GG In retrospect,

1, to learn to find start-up partners, and partners between the equity should not be equal, the ownership structure must be clear, the pre equity should not be diluted too much.

concluded that Zhang Jinghua had a narrow horizon and had no cash flow. Although the business failed, but this entrepreneurial experience has been proud of Zhang Jinghua, "our four partners did not hurt feelings, at the bottom of the valley to see each other’s character."." Zhang Jinghua in pioneering open class, with his first venture failure experience, warned Entrepreneurs:

1- price, the most important is the website content, English station price as high as we all know, but in fact, the price also has a good Chinese. My site content is not very good, is the famous quotes, but after the optimization unit also has 0. 05-0. Although 1.. Is not very high, but still higher than 0.01 individuals. Many friends think com than CN meters high price. English letters are higher than the Pingying..

Zhang Jinghua is the Internet and financial background, 2008 and Northern students founded third party mobile payment platform "purse treasure", has now completed the C round of financing, and plans in the domestic market. In March 2014, Zhang Jinghua joined the treasure bag incubation business, palm finance as CEO. Not long ago, lightning loans announced the acquisition of China paid and domestic well-known investors nearly tens of millions of dollars investment.

2- the first screen.. this, many of my friends do not understand what is called the first screen, when you enter a web site at the first sight of the content is the first screen advertising price is high in that position. The first screen is optimized.

open class entrepreneurs in twentieth hunting cloud network, palm public financial founder Zhang Jinghua from the university to share his entrepreneurial experience, and explains the core of the Internet finance, put forward the "early entrepreneurs to do WeChat do App" proposal, and give entrepreneurs dry cargo sharing.

2, must be able to grasp their own products, do not care about the size of the platform.

entrepreneurs should first stick to their "roots"

reaction to lightning loan products, under normal circumstances to maintain a low borrowing costs, in a recent activity in the company is to achieve full free loan lending, the core is a good experience for the user, Zhang Jinghua said, as long as the project has realized the ability of the future, you can now do not charge a penny "I, to the market.

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