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3: LCD: cyclone activity during the purchase of "cyclone" LCD 8 and sales of digital photo frame SPF-83H will receive Huanqi 3 channel remote control helicopter;

2: Bluetooth: storm activity during the purchase of Samsung MP4 YP-P2, YP-T10 or any of a Bluetooth mobile phone audience can choose high quality stereo Bluetooth headset or can change the 33 color Bluetooth mono headset a.

Because of the strong independence, the

are you independent enough,

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SOHO family wants to work independently without supervision or advice. Because SOHO gens must be a person who can take the initiative to work, is a person with independent work ability. For those who lack control and need to be supervised, SOHO is obviously not for you. If you put yourself under the job for a long time, you will lose yourself, indulge yourself, and waste a lot of time and life. SOHO, as a very flexible way of doing work, is beneficial to many people, and it is poison to many people. Can you afford this freedom behind freedom,

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in just a few years, SOHO’s family has grown stronger, and it has become a dream life for many people. Moreover, this is not limited to young people, more and more elderly friends began to tend to be fashionable avant-garde SOHO gens, their own business, the achievement of life’s dream, is no longer empty talk. But behind every successful case, there are untold hard work and efforts. If you want to start a business at home, do you have the potential of a SOHO family? What are the necessary conditions for a successful SOHO family? Here are some tips for you to share some experience.

activities: Samsung mall Santa Juxian, super large and diverse activities contribute to new and old customers, the free delivery of goods.

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is good at solving problems,

4: black Rui gifts Party: activity during the purchase of new printer ML-1630, SCX-4500 will receive a cool computer backpack and photo frame, a chance to participate in the draw to win the Samsung mobile phone fashion.

1: notebook family meal: during the event, buy a mall any notebook, you can get 1000dpi high resolution mouse, classic speakers and 120GB large memory hard disk.


SOHO is a new economy, a new concept of freedom, flexibility, and new ways of life and work. Represents the productivity of the former tide and the new economy. SOHO as a fashionable and easy way of life, has gradually been accepted by the world. With the impact of the Internet in various fields, more and more people have their own occupation, and the SOHO family has become an industry that people are rushing to pursue from the eyes of others. Its own, open and flexible approach to work is attractive.

– time: December 12, 2007 ~ January 15, 2008

need to endure loneliness, to endure hard work alone atmosphere. Control their emotions, resist the temptation of the outside, and steadfastly sit in their seats for their own career, even if the outside interference can not affect the overall progress of work. Therefore, the SOHO family needs a very independent attitude and manner first. So, are you independent enough to be a SOHO?


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SOHO team lost the team strength in social work. Therefore, successful SOHO personnel should be a problem solver and have the ability to manage affairs. If you work in a social enterprise, it’s like being a lead in a film directed by someone else, then you’re a producer at home. Large to set up the scene, small to lunch, quilts, should grasp the overall, dedicated. Business is to take care of their children, should be concerned about whether the child to sleep, also to your children are asleep.


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