Dong Mingzhu talk about female entrepreneurship men go home to do housework may not be a good thingM

reporter: my question is to ask Dong Mingzhu. Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report put forward, public entrepreneurship, innovation. Today is a sign of an era of entrepreneurship and innovation. Public entrepreneurship, including women’s entrepreneurship, because our country has a "women’s employment action", on behalf of Dong Mingzhu, some people say that you are an outstanding representative of women’s business, some people say that you are "GREE queen". Tomorrow is the Match 8 Women’s Day, please for the national entrepreneurship women branch up. Thank you

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March 7th at 2 pm, the Fujian provincial women’s Federation Chairman Wu Hongqin, Hunan Province, Yiyang municipal Party committee secretary Wei Xuanjun, Fu Lijuan, deputy director of Hunan Provincial Department of Zhuhai GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu, the love to fly off the charity foundation Secretary General Li Xinrong of the 5 national people’s Congress on behalf of "implement the basic national policy of equality between men and women, promoting women’s development related issues" the answer to reporters’ questions.

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Dong Mingzhu: indeed, this news conference is very meaningful to me today, because tomorrow is the 38 women’s day, and we pay special attention to our women. So, I think women in such an era, we should be proud and proud. In the "mass entrepreneurship" and "multi innovation" era, perhaps everyone will find a most suitable role, I think this is very important. Of course, I encourage women to go to the society. In the process of innovation and development, we should make a contribution with our own efforts. But there are some women who are able to take good care of their families at home, not necessarily a contribution. Conversely, because some women are too capable, it is not necessarily a good thing for a man to go home and keep his house. In the new era, the more we have the opportunity and platform, let us put our ideas and unleash our wisdom, our China real world, become a great power, especially Chinese we want the whole world to be respected, we put our products, not only let Chinese with but, for the whole world to use, it is our dream. Thank you

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