Chengdu mobile nternet chapter who let them go bankruptAmazon’s key to maintaining a top notch tale

so they can tap from every corner and appoint "the recruitment threshold initiates", these people’s mission is to ensure that the company can recruit "performance to more than half of the company’s existing staff, and can be the same position" and HR "bargaining"; in order to avoid unnecessary consumption of the time, they set up the "recruitment system" funnel, every time the telephone interview must reject 1/3 of job seekers…


‘s solution is: how to select talent better than existing employees and how to save time in the recruitment process scientifically.

and city, leisure walking, leisurely life attitude, nine to five, the weekend weekend, sitting in the river to drink tea, eat at night, this is all Hot pot, the 2013 state, however, what is left.

, Gupta demonstrated some of the mechanisms that could be used in the recruitment process. These mechanisms can effectively reduce errors in the recruitment process and save a lot of time.

"a lot of companies are saying ‘we only hire better people than our own", "Gupta expressed doubts," if you try to make the recruitment mechanism, can solve a lot of problems: what better than who? Which is the best? "Better" standard should be how to develop

authorizes "threshold upgrade"

tap4fun still adhere to their products, each passing, the lights are still lit, Yang Xiangji still keep faith, outsiders do not understand the faith, 2013 still ranked on the list.

one important thing is "door >"

because almost no employees do not want to do "the right thing", the majority of people to work with intention and attitude is good, but there is a huge gap between employees to achieve success "and" inevitable mistake ", how to solve this contradiction?


Gupta suggested that the company responsible for improving the recruitment threshold, let them participate in the recruitment meeting and interview all, they do grant judgment power, compared to allow them to determine a candidate from the existing personnel quality is improved.


, micro-blog, WeChat, has run the user time, how long our products can be opened once, how long can we profit, the business is unknown, is a protracted war, who prepared early, ready, persist for a long time, rapid response, strong team working, finally get out of this protracted the war.

mobile Internet hot this stroll Chengdu, two years, science and technology media, investors, entrepreneurs is full of hope for a hot spot, but two years later in 2013, we have what

? "People inside At the last CTO summit at the first round of capital

the conventional wisdom is that employees may have great enthusiasm and energy to make great achievements, but that may not be the case. This is Anurag · Gupta Anurag Gupta from the Amazon experience learned — more often than enthusiasm important mechanism.

cloud innovation Liu remains in a loud voice to continue their product development, to continue their education of children, bustling about. Read his article on the child’s birthday blessing, perhaps product sentiment comes from the child.

camera360 still maintained a good team attitude, low-key, keep the wolf’s hunger, 6X24 hours to maintain good habits, still hot to do product, so they have such a large user, strong operation, is worth it, and not by accident.

camra360, tap4fun, tin man, cloud innovation, Yunci, embarrassed words, snail TV, seven weft travel, block, Dolphin Browser, hotel Master, micro-blog voice, pocket radio, with slip message, Taobao women’s street, there are countless unknown to the public small company, mutation, by the end of 2012 the situation of similar products, all kinds of the product, user habits no longer as early as the outbreak of the mobile Internet, limited to the use of a product, the advent of the era of fragmentation really.

these are served as the chief architect of the Amazon Anurag · valuable experience, Gupta learned he believes, is that these seem almost rigid restrictions and fetters guarantee, this great company for ten years as one day. The first has a strong vitality.

in Amazon, Gupta realized that the answer is mechanism, repeatable, measurable, and scalable, and these are the steps that ensure that companies move on to greatness.

looking for high level, and a good sense of people as "raise the threshold", "Gupta said," tell them that their job is to ensure the performance of new employees to more than half of the company’s existing staff of the same position."

        editor’s note after 2012, "App" the death of the grand word again and again into our eyes, the mobile Internet as a branch of the Internet industry, and can not escape, optimistic to say that this is not death, but waiting for a real warrior after thoroughly tempered. The author of this article @ Ho, Raymond Lam, hlf.

real estate investment of 30 million as a boss of a native o2o product, called Microsoft win7 engineer, called all good developers, Chengdu product manager, out of two times the average wage, the results in the future for a year, has not reported any cases, dead, to do outsourcing.


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