Towel brother accused NetEase of strict infringement G20 for the same paragraph or unfair competiti

how big is the heart, and how big is the target?. The author thinks that the positioning and planning is the key to Wangzhuan, do not blindly easily action, do not go as far as possible the wrong way, inspection, analysis, research; look, optimistic, determined, firmly confident, sure of your interest, then go into action, insist again. A little brother of the author, the more than 20 year old young man, his Wangzhuan experience was worth drawing, here I will take him as an example to analyze, the hope can give you some inspiration. His current income situation is several thousand dollars / day, he confided that his goal is in the next three months to break through 10 thousand yuan / day income, will be bragging, everyone can come under analysis.

2, content and many: 10 thousand sets of video training lectures, 1500GB massive hard disk storage, integration of the current hot and influential view

ODM, literally translated as "original design manufacturer", refers to a manufacturer to design a product, and in some cases may be some other enterprises fancy, to production requirements with the latter brand name, or a slightly modified design to produce a. Manufacturers who undertake design and manufacturing operations are called ODM manufacturers, and the products they produce are ODM products.

but in fact, the ODM model still has some problems at home. According to an industry close to the manufacturer, there is a shortage of manufacturers with real design capabilities in the country. Can make design plan to brand OEM ODM vendors is very little. Basically, the brand side will design solutions to manufacturers, manufacturers only OEM production.

‘s main selling point:

, while NetEase’s strict selection will be repeatedly involved in the "cottage" problem vortex, the problem comes down to the strict selection of NetEase ODM model.

the evening of May 23rd, a self proclaimed "towel brother" 80 entrepreneurs, the life of towel founder Zhu Zhijun, published an article entitled "to Ding Lei: please give entrepreneurs a way out" the article, the article accused NetEase strictly selected by sales of "Awati cotton towel" violates the rights of life towel.

Wangzhuan, have to have their own things to have to sell, sales channels, to the overall planning and methods; to find a selling point, to learn, to learn sales; then, to find products, build websites, do promotion, SEO optimization, write text, use mass software, pay a network advertising, have become friends and engage in Wangzhuan busy awfully. Any link, any work should be done in place, professional, there is a not simple process, too many methods, too many skills, too many experiences need to master.

1, everyone needs to learn to learn, learn: successful management, sales, communication, learning, learning etiquette, business negotiations, school finance, school, learn to learn eloquence, learning motivation, learning marketing, family education and so on, and the video teaching method is the most effective, not to mention is the integration of the whole the most famous Chinese top expert video lectures.

this is also the NetEase’s strict ODM model, a line from the very controversial reasons. Since a big micro-blog V criticized the NetEase for its strict selection of infringement, the criticism of the NetEase has come in again, the core of the debate

I don’t deny the meaning of Wangzhuan, through the network earn very comfortable it is, of course, is not meet the eye everywhere, a lot of things, a cavity blood and passion, but are still struggling to explore how to Wangzhuan people, is the most. The author believes that these are Indoorsman Indoorswoman Wangzhuan life, not only to endure loneliness, really have to have the patience to keep hard.

is really popular Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, popular ah, the webmaster nets, outdated and so well-known Web site, there are "Wangzhuan" column, Wangzhuan, beyond count. You can make money through the network, knock on the keyboard, the mouse moves will be able to make money after sleeping bed can make money; free and unfettered, don’t look at his face, will be able to make money, how cool the way to make money; in some cases, into the real day to earn thousands or even tens of thousands, and some take like money the blowing stick and the initiation of the massive befog the minds of the people, began to Wangzhuan followers.

Zhu Zhijun in the text that, in addition to packaging, the style of this towel and description and most life brand is very similar, there are "cottage" the most suspected of life. For the goods with "in the description of G20 for the same label, Zhu Zhijun said, the life G20 only designated brand in 2016, so the NetEase strictly choose play such labels to do publicity for the product belongs to tort. But the NetEase selected that "the production by the Vosges in 2016 became the G20 Summit for towel towel, the relevant page on the website of NetEase selected" G20 for the same paragraph ‘statement in line with the facts, not for other brands cause infringement."

in the "towel brother" before the event, the NetEase selected in the sale of the same products, many manufacturers, MUJI play concept of Coach manufacturers, CK manufacturers and other major brand manufacturers, which questioned the practice is a "copycat" behavior, now this problem is mentioned again in Zhu Zhi.

in this regard, Zhao occupation lawyer told the media, even if NetEase strict election and the most life G20 special towel is the same supplier, but can not prove that the same paragraph". The same manufacturers do not necessarily have the same batch, the production model, specifications, inspection standards may not be the same. Even though the appearance is similar and the material is the same, the use of "G20 for the same paragraph" also involves unfair competition and false propaganda.

creative positioning: selling 1500GB mobile hard disk, +1200 multi GB video training lecture flagship + other resources.

According to the official explanation given by the NetEase

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