Do poineering work of 8 years investment dog to white people let VC take you to install B take you

2: try some new areas

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Some investors to choose

and contrary, but there are many Taobao customers do have this problem, the promotion of a product from a Taobao into the passenger circle began, until now still in the promotion of what kind of products, I have to admire his attention, but in fact some more attempts, also can develop some new product categories because, there may be a lot of competition in small markets, now to do will be very easy to do it. Do not hang in a tree, this is the first group in the situation, the first group is the beginning of fire, what to do, and this population is beginning to focus too much, especially a novice, attention is not necessarily a good thing, can find is the most suitable for their own good the. For example, Taobao had just started off, heard of slimming products with high profit, can do, but it is very difficult to find that in fact, the last few days for the doorway, pushed out of the one or two products, finally, how can not break, it is because you are not familiar with the promotion of weight loss products, or not enough the ability to do, you should keep in the basis of the original promotion, try to expand some categories, such as maternal and child products, toys, clothing and other products promotion, Chinese has a characteristic, is where is where together, what products to more people, more willing to promote. In fact, a lot of attention should be more categories, although the Commission is not so huge, but it may be a lot easier, guest friends around me a lot of Taobao is doing something to do you despise disdain, commission rate products, such as maternal and child class, these toy products, promotion is not large and the focus to promote several products, also do not have their own website, through the forum, group – >

this article is absolutely true, any similarity is purely fictional you. Only for early white entrepreneurs.

as fodder for

1: concentrated flow, consider doing brand station

This is the first point

Abstract: you can also send investors as cannon fodder. I started financing before the 10 investors see is divided into various grades and ranks. Three in front of the hand, just hand. The middle 5 is overcome, the latter 2 are committed and bidding.

a lot of people in the Taobao professional development, to a certain extent suddenly feel lost, the current situation, can earn money, but it is difficult to break through their own, do not know how to seek more breakthroughs in space on the existing basis, I will continue to write this article today slobber a discussion of this difficult, this thorny problem.

started the company, I was an investment manager. Stayed in Singapore in the mainstream VC, Hunguo day Hienergy, followed Chen Yizhou did not to the point of investment, investment is done there is no sense of achievement deal Ali in battle. Seeing more and more crazy investment circles on the upgrade, I don’t want to get something to the drum to himself this heart, so I become a pioneering dog from a financial grass root shaking.


came out, the first thing to think about was financing. Done VC, done FA, done war cast, I see used to running dogs, loaded with B installed accustomed to change, really a little upset. In preparation for a week later, I hung a pair of dogs with entrepreneurial virtue, a drop of US $1 billion to make the company’s story book, began to change. The following start to small white entrepreneurs say the key points.


this shake comes from the experience of eating Yunnan food with several brothers from the board of directors in Dezhou. Remember that three drinks, girl’s face is red. "Forget about an open investment manager," asked the sister on the side. "Did you cut your chin?". That sister is northeast, after listening to the look, it seems to be the guy to cut. This question does not matter, a few sister’s boxes are opened, from hyaluronic acid to Botox, from pigskin mask to moonlight soap, each face has just married into the giants like sex and joy. The girl who talk with eloquence impressed me deeply, I think the beauty business should be good, combined with the Internet, not only can play the community, and can make O2O, from silver and nearly all day, but I want to contact my girl, after their own value can be realized by a woman’s face, this is how the NB business model. So, after returning home for two months of market research, I and the upcoming Big Ali said goodbye.

is the bottleneck of Taobao customers, often belong to the type of fire, where the money went where to shoot, do a bunch of hair on the station, a bunch of advertising, because it is where money can I do, is often the last, a lot of things to do, but the effect is likely to stagnate, but the heart is often no, this time a good comb, return to the idea of a website, for the development of "brand", the true way to retain customers, may just transition, the income will be down, but the OK transformation, the future development is very good, because the promotion of crazy before. That is because there is no money, if you have the money, you should consider how to keep people, make yourself more easily make money this problem.


, if you are not a Daniel, fund partners will not cock you cock wire. Or do you have a relationship with the investment manager?. Do not underestimate this for love with B investment manager, during the day they look at the project, see the girl at night. They can help you a helping hand, also can give you bad. So, do a good job with them. The relationship between the table should be set up, the relationship under the table also engage in pure friendship, get dirty, Jiurou also engage in. A good relationship is not for letting him throw you, but for letting him tell you straight away when you don’t want to vote.

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