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is located in Finland’s Remedy Entertainment once with a "true colour of a hero MaxPayne" fame, action game design skill of its strong technical strength and familiarity of the received industry recognition. "True colour of a hero" is the biggest characteristic of the "matrix" of the concept of time trajectory, and its application to perfect game action, its cool caused no small sensation at the time. Later introduced "2" also acclaimed true colour of a hero. But "3" is making the true colour of a hero is expected in May 2012 listed by Rockstar. And Remedy has other main directions……

Trojan click shows that click fraud is rampant. Like rogue software, click fraud on Internet advertising has become an industry chain. "Trojan click device" the transmission of virus, it is the huge profit behind it. In the industry chain, put pay to click on ads advertisers is to pay for the victims, many false hits; virus makers can benefit from every click, and lucrative, can not to rush into danger, illegal production of the Trojan virus to develop click fraud.

little piece:

The advent of the The prevalence of

ten years ago, Remedy Entertainment brought a third person shooter, Marx Payne, to the market. In the global total sales of more than 7 million copies, and also spawned a starring Mark Wahlberg Dashuai pan film of the same name.

click fraud prevailed, resulting in damage to the interests of the majority of advertisers, already Voices of discontent. China’s largest PPC advertising campaign, sh419, including group events and judicial action, has been around for click fraud in recent years. However, sh419 still ignored this and repeatedly claimed that it was not too much to take effective measures to prevent click fraud, and click fraud didn’t decrease. This is related to sh419 in the "click fraud" event is also benefit stakeholders, although click fraud has been a certain amount of money, but these are from advertisers paid to sh419’s advertising fees out.

click fraud has been plaguing the development of search engines, and now shows a growing trend. Last month, the end of the month, rising is warned recently more than a year, rising global anti virus monitoring network intercepted Clicker clicker virus is increasing with the geometric progression, involving all the major pay per click advertising. At the same time, the Clicker virus is simply the easiest way to make a profit by clicking fraud. The prevalence of click fraud has led to the protection of the interests of Internet advertisers. Countless advertising fees have flowed into other people’s pockets, but have not received the desired results.

‘s first move: Death Rally, the game’s debut in March 2011, priced at $4.99. After the game on the line, Remedy’s public relations department immediately launched the promotion work. First of all, Death Rally took part in the FreeAppADay limited free event, costing $5000, and the campaign cost about $5000. Remedy’s CEO Matias Myllyrinne points out that mobile games are spreading as fast as viruses, and that their speed is much faster than traditional home consoles. Early publicity costs are necessary, and they create a snowball effect, of course, based on the attraction of your game. Apple is most concerned with unique games, which work better than any ad. Death Rally on the shelves within 3 days, it earned all the development costs.

click fraud, not sh419, can sh419 stay out of it? That’s not the case. It should be said that the prevalence of click fraud is related to sh419’s competitive advertising model. It is to take the sh419 sh419 alliance, will own auction ads on other sites placed on the page, click after into, for many small and medium-sized site owners can from sh419 for advertising a slice. This leads to today’s click fraud epidemic. Imagine, except for sh419, that no one can benefit from the click of keyword ads, that is, without interest

click fraud is linked to the "pay per click" online advertising model. The so-called "pay per click" CPC is based on the number of clicks the ad is charged, advertising mainly for every click of the ad to pay. Among them, the most typical is the keyword search engine advertising, sh419 alliance sh419 bidding advertising and shlf1314 advertising alliance AdSense, for, Content belong to such.


second trick: in May 2011, Remedy lowered the price of this game from $4.99 to $0.99. Death R>

last year, Remedy began trying to reach the mobile game industry. "Death Rally" death pull is one of the most representative works, it marks the company’s major transformation of the first step. These medium-sized game developers come from the traditional home game console domain. By then, they began to explore a new product pricing and a set of development strategies for smart phone games. Here’s a look at how Remedy managed to make a $10 thousand marketing budget and make a profit of $1 million over 9 months.

: Death Rally game screenshot

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