BuzzFeed founder the success of social mediaThree business failure to give up

· how he should >

BuzzFeed’s office, the company now employs 175 people.

talked about the following:

Peretti’s office by the glass Wai built, however, the transparent block will not he and news editors are open in the studio. They are staring at the screen, interacting with millions of readers who read their articles, via computer screens.

a veteran entrepreneurs dream to throw the helve after the hatchet and even families. However, the reception of him was a continuous failure, and now he has nothing at all at the age of 32. Everyone is eager for success. When setbacks, most entrepreneurs have clung to the belief, try your best to try to reverse the crisis. However, the impermanence of things, and sometimes even if entrepreneurs have toughness, and then can endure hardship, and then can persist, it is difficult to save the failure of the outcome. Especially after several unsuccessful start-ups, the entrepreneur’s capital, energy and confidence will suffer a great blow. In this life and career crossroads, how should entrepreneurs choose

met with the 38 year old CEO with curly hair after the company was off duty. That day, his web site published an article about the world’s most lovable puppy, and a 28 minute video about Secretary of state Hilary · Hillary Clinton. Such diverse content themes quickly became popular on the internet.

In his 45 minute discussion with Peretti,

then at the end of 2006, by a friend, I work with people invested 1 million 300 thousand yuan two do business friends and a technical staff cast a total of 150 thousand yuan, the other is my vote opened a company, entered the TFT-LCM thin film transistor liquid crystal display module industry. After May 30, 2008, due to the lack of core resources, the decline in the way the market situation, the drawbacks of this model have been exposed. To the end of 2008, the company funds only 400 thousand yuan, my own investment of 500 thousand yuan stock is only 120 thousand yuan.

Chen Yiming


· how BuzzFeed grew up from a robot and realized that manual editing was indispensable to

2009, in order to get out of the predicament, I decided to transition. So, I chose to do mobile phone program R & D, because there was a mobile phone program there are 1 U.S. dollars of profits. As a result, the cost was too high, the shipment was small and the capital was cut off. A year later, the company closed down.

Peretti, who is the king of the Internet for viral content, has been fascinated by the Internet, ? introduction

. Although his website encourages readers to laugh at stories on the web, he is not joking when it comes to the company’s history, the future of the media, and the world’s attention to his funny web site.

American news aggregation site BuzzFeed founder Jonathan Peretti · Jonah Peretti recently accepted the technology blog Business Insider editor Allison · Scholte Alyson Shontell interview. Peretti talked about the history of the company, the future of the media and plans to become the new global media brand in the interview. Peretti said that in today’s social media era, users not only consume content, but also share content, compared to enterprises built independently of the network, the user distribution network better and more powerful.

I was born in 1981. I came to the big city from the countryside. I spent the time from the student to the youth. In 2003 I retired, 5 years of military life left me a memorable experience and dear comrades! Confidence, enthusiasm, daring, able to endure hardship, never surrender military qualities, in my body are reflected. In the first few years after the demobilization, I ran a business, fell in love, opened a restaurant and fired stocks. I had a very full and happy life every day. Comrades in arms encouragement, their efforts, love’s help, I gradually have some accumulation and harvest.

hero readme

of this experience, the money is not much, but I feel good; later, all the money lost.

and · Jonah Peretti in Peretti’s office in central New York, arbitrary limbs astride.

there are a lot of stories happening in the middle. Since the beginning of the money, my self-confidence highly swelling, frivolous, feel that this world is not what I cannot do. So I do anything, no investment, no decision can not discuss with your family, even in the company when the crisis loss still did not think that what is the problem, or feel good! At that time, for me is a hotel, after sleeping away. Later, with children, I still go out all day, go home and fight with my lover. Then they all went away, leaving me alone in Shenzhen.




news aggregator BuzzFeed has been established for six years, according to the internal statistics show that the number of site visitors per month up to 30 million, and most of this traffic is not from the homepage or shlf1314 search. These users, through friends, colleagues, or celebrity articles, recommend these content to communicate with each other, and the amount of BuzzFeed traffic comes from an electronic personal network.

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