Based on the process of my blog

finally I wish to put into practice. Do blog two things less, domain name and space.

blog, started to write something, waiting for the love Shanghai Collection >

I’ve always wanted to own a website, this wish in my contact with the network, especially with the blog after have such a desire, at that time always feel, with those big web blog template is really rich, but no matter how you get to get to the final, or someone. Freely give people free to work, there is, as the blog, traffic sources are opaque, they can not put statistical code, where exactly is the visitor, I did not know, just know that every day the data increased a little at a time.

Look at the Let us talk about the domain name Fix the

once the blog in Sina, Sohu, fell in love with the sea had tried, but because of various restrictions, forced one chose to give up. This time, have a web site, a blog idea is so strong. There are many webmaster friends, so they said station is both simple and complex. See your patience and pay.

space. The choice of space is really let me very depressed. Is not willing to spend money, find a free thought on the line. There are many online. But the only regret ah. I have no personal writing, backup habits. Free space with a sudden open. There is a problem space providers. All the information is deleted. What is lost. Ah. Now he has a heart. Remember to backup data. You can restore. And record problems have plagued me. Free space certainly will not give the record, this space also don’t know what time is also a harmonious network. The space surface for the record, but the speed is really not people compliment. Think of your web page has been opened up. Love is not a spider in Shanghai. Is love Shanghai on his blog included.

. The individual has not registered.Cn domain. It is said that the fast recovery individualregistered, but what can make nothing of it. So I choose贵族宝贝 domain name. The.Org domain can also choose the domain name is good for collection. The choice of.Net is not recommended. Of course, if you have a personal preference, you can also choose other domain name. As long as you feel good on the line. My domain name is your name spelling. Do you blog. I still love my name. We are now familiar with the domain name weibo贵族宝贝. This was a domain name. Registered in his name is also good oh. Just kidding。

election to election, or a choice of domestic space. A network of friends on the recommended days of each data virtual machine to me. I think the price is very cheap, more than 200. And give you a free filing. Good speed. The obsession to solve the problem. And the service attitude is very good.

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