A how can we let on regular and timely update snapshot

method is only suitable for the home page is dynamic website, if it is a static website simply can not achieve the random effect, you can not always generate home in the background, so the second method is the exchange of several Links, each other’s love of Shanghai is of course the more new snapshot better, exchange Links everyone be able to do the key is the selection process.

this problem is seen from the Shanghai dragon WHY forum, but I look very much the concern of the people, it is enough to prove that we are very tangled on this issue really ah. In fact, I long ago had sent a website "why long are not updated snapshot", this article mainly introduces my little knowledge on the snapshot and the importance of how to read, friends should know that I see on the snapshot is not too heavy, as long as according to the law of update is enough, of course, if updated every day, this is the ideal state.


1, in the home to add a random recommendation module, so every time the spider to catch the contents can return different information, of course, the best can display the titles and contents. Because the snapshot is a reaction site updates, so as far as possible, let the spider know you are always in the update site, let him respond as quickly as possible.

said that although a snapshot of the site is not representative of what, but why are there so many people entangled in snapshot of this issue, there are two reasons, first because of love out of Shanghai snapshot can see, not a related index for Adsense reference, their Webmaster Platform has been closed, not know what time can measure a result; second, indeed opposite against the snapshot of the quality of a web site, after all the NB station every day snapshot, although the converse is not necessarily correct, but at least the new snapshot is not a bad thing.

3, if the above 2 methods are not suitable for you, then you will insist on starting from content, add an article every day, of course, in the absence of quality assurance is the more the better, I have a pseudo original tips here (best original), copy a website related articles then, go to the QQ space to copy the two paragraph, remember to find the previous paragraph length and the paragraphs almost, then the two paragraph is added in the end or are added to the end, this will not affect the reading, and achieve the pseudo original effect. If you consider the more thoughtful, can use CSS to control the 2 paragraph hidden, this is completely.

see the problem today, I also look at their website, found that the current love Shanghai snapshot stagnation phenomenon is very common, and the stagnant degree are not the same, seems to have little difference before. For example, last updated in April 1st, so most of the site stopped on the same day, not like the current stagnation in a range. It is difficult for us to make a website updated every day snapshot, especially enterprise station, is difficult to add. Below I will according to their own experience has been online Master insights to share with you, according to the practicality, in order of importance:

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