A good Shanghai dragon must have the ability and technology

: capacity:

3, keyword:


The ability to choose

4, website data analysis:

is a website with the above 4 abilities, it is like a frame of your house has been built, so how we can live comfortably and call a friend to say, there must be refined optimization techniques:

from the primary school we started to contact the text, can really come in handy, want to write text, then the effect is amazing. Some of the same text through the combination of different results, it will express a variety of all sorts of strange things. So, you know, no one does not know the master of Shanghai Longfeng editor.

is one of the top Shanghai dragon master will often pay attention to dynamic web data, analysis of the data on the website can certainly very strong. Not only to analyze your station, peer website also will analyze it, because the enemy can also learn from each other can also improve ourselves. The row in front of the site analysis, you can find their own lack of the existence of the site, the advantages of others is what you need to learn and improve. Analysis of the website of others after come back to see her again when the station, you can optimize the targeted and efficient ZhengZhan optimization. Since this is not for you to save a lot of valuable time. If there is no analysis ability, then you will always be behind others, chasing others ass.

is just like you to build a edifice, the key word is your foundation, you are not good, how can the high building? Similarly, you do Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, even did not choose the right, how can the good website optimization. The success and failure of the website optimization, it can be said is the first key words. Even if your site structure is again good, streamlined code cannot streamline optimization scheme of how to write the gorgeous perfect, at last only one result: a waste of time. So the choice of keywords is a top priority for the optimization project.

people paddle ship, everyone firewood high flame. We all know, but here the focus is to speak of unity, but how to put them all together is the most critical output.

1, writing:

communication ability

a Shanghai Longfeng personnel must have enough patience, Shanghai dragon is a boring job, in fact, just contact the industry who has had experience, every day outside the chain, posted on various sites, but in this industry to achieve a high hand that rise above the common herd, also need a little process is to continue learning and research. Xiao Bian today to give you a brief overview of a Shanghai dragon should have what kind of ability and website optimization techniques:

: two optimization techniques:

Net >

1: First:

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