For those on why site is k or drop right and keywords ranking disappeared people

please look at the latest Shanghai love what update? Can love Shanghai Webmaster Platform look, or A5, search outside, behind, Chinaz forum to look at


stable Mentality — please think carefully you at this time, what did the operation on the


actually I want to say is, when a web site is a problem, as a Shanghai dragon Er

then I see good people answer in general is "you site garbage outside the chain too much, your article content quality is too low, you optimize excessive, your server stability is not stable, your friend chain is not affected by the" and so on, here are. They have the possibility to answer, but do you think they will carefully analyze your website to give a reliable answer? To answer the 80% people do not look at your site. Even if they do, they can better understand this site than you? The answer is no! So instead of wasting so much time, why we do not seriously analyze? You might say you’re looking for, did not identify the problem, so I ask for help, this is right, but I want to say is you I undertake to the website analysis? You don’t tell me, I see my site outside the chain is no problem, this is not a problem, the site does not exist unopenable phenomenon and so on, these are actually self consolation! More than speech on behalf of the donkey brother personal thoughts, don’t hold me

put the mentality, adjust, do not come to spray 100 Niang, as you are a mess, how Shun thought. Voiceover: a Shanghai dragon ER must have normal people don’t have the capacity to face the sudden arrival of the daxidabei.

, summing up the above analysis, make a reasonable plan and implementation, observation and follow up. Personally, if there is misleading, please. The donkey brother will humbly.

what you should do?

investigation, do you think is the reason of K once again listed, and you have to note influence processing method and processing may bring in each reason behind.


note: if you do not know what is right down common reasons? Please love Shanghai search! There are so many articles

donkey brother contact Shanghai dragon, from parasitic forum to the beginning of the later on forum now and then to look at the forum timing of the latest information, the donkey brother found a common phenomenon of "no matter what time go to the forum you can see such a problem — my website keywords ranking off, for the master weapon! Website is k how to do? How to do the chain? Site down the right, who helps look is what causes?".

!After the end of the The Since website?

, when you think it over, please observe after cause site drop right or be K, a list of all! Then one by one investigation, please change this time you are thinking, algorithm development, how can you through the program to achieve this? You may find the method blank Oh! Think is not there a little excited

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