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site: site plan, prepare a target and planning


in medical plastic industry also has a full two years old, because I have PHP, so in the procedure is also a little to understand it, this also allows me to accelerate the Shanghai dragon to get started. One day, on a whim, simply do a plastic three party website, because of Chengdu’s plastic industry is too much, I stand in the user’s point of view to think, if I want to go to do surgery, how should I find myself I need? So I’ll follow this paper (Chapter I is think of one thing to write a bit, so some unfluent places should also contain).

website a few days up, mainly on a station optimization, there are several h tags.

website online, the purpose of this site is to do what? How to profit? How should go to the website planning, website planning? Website which should put what? What is appropriate? Many problems basically to hit me down before opening first, to solve the following:

think they do is shaping three party network, customers are concerned about what the hospital do, what experts to do for me? How much money? What promotions? I have to do this project what precautions? (such as eyelid surgery need to pay attention to what I write?) and so on. Summed up several sections: home, plastic surgery hospital, orthopedic specialists, plastic, plastic, plastic price discount website Wikipedia, which should take what? How to put it right? I will be here to.

1, the site of the

website to website You should go to


home page:

some people may vote in the interest of a station, but I believe the purpose of a word "money";



is the plastic three party website, I can work in Chengdu and other plastic surgery hospital is certainly not, early customer cooperation, because your site inside what also have no, no, no IP, so it is necessary to do site optimization, the following will be introduced. I was going to, after all aspects of the site weight up, because his wife is plastic industry consultant, so also accumulated contacts, you can contact them in major plastic surgery hospital and our cooperation, the appointment of a project from our site customers, we provided into how much money on our website recommend, release information such as how much money a discount, this idea is very simple, so rookie.

how to profit?

home is the main Chengdu plastic, Chengdu plastic surgery hospital, the title must appear keywords, description of the inside as well as keywords, as far as possible in the front, described the statement "

3, website how to plan

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