2012 noble baby prophecy and domestic copycat Watch

3, remember the image search application? It will be applied to the noble baby pictures on the web search, and analyze the image and identify the objects and characters. This is not something to copy the domestic enterprises, the concept of hope to the noble baby 09 years of the transparent plate continues to move.

noble baby Doodle

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4, Music will become a noble baby subscription service. The content of this I still can not intuitively understand it. But the noble baby Music has been based on genuine music in a way to bring you high quality service, but the service only for U.S. users, if want to experience, only try to visit U.S. agent. Music subscription service in China is actually a lot, the best performance is the music website launched radio service.

5, Docs has been changed to the noble baby baby noble Drive, that is the original document storage and editing services, changes to the file storage service. Is to enter the SkyDrive mode. After the revision, it will be more suitable for the use of tablet. It is said that this improvement will be free of any file storage and synchronization. If so, I will give up all domestic service now SkyDrive decisive test.

is based on the supplement the original content, according to the similarity classification finishing, and joined the corresponding copycat market view. This to the readers, see more intuitive.

noble baby Goggles

noble baby Music

2, noble baby Doodle  after the release of the Creator, allows users to create their own doodle (i.e. nobility baby on the front page with the holiday changes of small Logo), and the doodle can be like to share the same baby + nobility. Tencent can learn to share, but to learn to create estimates very difficult, unless the QQ graffiti board merger, but the piece of the market demand is too small, only a few did not sign the mechanism of master game player was suck.

GOS also released the noble baby’s prophecy in the new year on New Year’s day, this year a total of 22 predicted the nobility baby in 2012 may happen. In fact, carefully count, domestic release of only 21, one of which seems to be missing translation.

The navigation menu

1, noble baby will improve as a customizable, prompt column will also support the new service, the original plan is adopted in the noble + baby. In 2011, the home page navigation bar to change the baby aristocracy, has let Sina, Tencent are flocking to these copycat uncle. In 2012, the copycat will be more crazy.

noble baby home

noble baby Drive

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