Analysis of competitive keywords acquisition and optimization method

‘s own goal

2. 5-10 "pre target keywords, the keywords in the list or noble love Shanghai baby natural ranking of the top ten websites, and websites strength.

website space needed to support URL rewriting, this is the need to pay attention to the choice of the host. In fact, URL’s purpose is very simple, just to make the site pseudo static, one can increase the website access speed, loading web content on the other hand also can let the spider more easily, make the URL become friendly, improve the user experience. The most common URL rewriting usage is a group of URL hierarchical structure into a string, query string URL, for example 贵族宝贝ww>

2 website space and web application support URL rewrite

1. a list of keywords your customers may use, as well as the keyword search volume.

analysis of the industry’s top 1 specific vocabulary, as

?The first method:

know what is the competition of high keywords, then we need to take certain measures to optimize.

website optimization webmaster all know, in the actual operation process, we will encounter a lot of competitive keywords quite strong, although difficult, but once we do this, get traffic but quite huge. In addition the Shanghai dragon industry we can not always do competition small keywords, on the one hand can exercise our ability, on the other hand, the practical value is relatively small, so competitive keywords is one we have to contact the. But the optimization of competitive keywords is that not everyone thought the success rate is very low, the glint and flash of cold steel, as long as the master some steps to do the ideal position is still possible for us. But I first say how to judge the key competitive size

second methods: when a keyword search results ranked in the top 10 include more than 3 non home page link, this keyword is generally less competitive. If the top 20 are the main domain name (web page) link, so the word often competition is high.


to do anything with a goal, so more competitive keywords. I have previously said how much keyword analysis, once you set your goals, we will fight for every step should be dedicated, host, domain name and website layout will take great efforts to build.

3. by screening analysis, determine the target keywords of their own.

third methods: competitive keyword search results, often the keyword in the first place title, even 2 times in the title. At the same time, the description will also appear in several key words. If this is the case, then prove that the word of the competition is very high.

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